Invest in workers’ safety and well-being with wellness incentive programs that promote a healthier, hazard-free environment.

The landscape of employee health insurance is changing rapidly and the cost of group health insurance is almost becoming unsustainable, crippling many businesses. Meanwhile, workplace safety is emerging as one of the key risk management and regulatory compliance focus areas for most companies.

Wellness and Safety Incentive programs are a highly effective, win-win strategy to reduce direct and indirect incident-related costs through training and rewards, as well as encouraging a behavior based safety workplace, better lifestyle choices and reduced insurance claims. Safety incentive programs help meet company budget needs and provide value to employees and their families by reducing injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

Improved worker well-being leads to greater employee engagement and job satisfaction.

We offer OSHA-compliance safety rewards program designed to reduce the risk of accidents, absenteeism, lost productivity and associated expenses. Our swift program design and implementation model helps to launch an ideal program solution for your specific business goals in four to six weeks! Typical wellness and safety programs we manage are designed to:

  • Incentivize healthier lifestyle choices and behavior based safety to reduce medical claims.
  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Increase workplace productivity and morale.
  • Reduce workplace accidents.
  • Decrease worker compliance claims and insurance premiums.
  • Reduce expenses related to workplace accidents and injuries.

To see how our wellness and safety incentive programs are helping our client success, check out our case studies and white papers.

  • ASSE Foundation Research conducted a survey which concluded that companies with a safety incentive program have lower lost time incidence rates, restricted incidence rates and EMRs than companies that do not.
  • According to Incentive Research Foundation reports, year-round comprehensive corporate wellness programs result in savings-to-cost ratios of $3 saved for each dollar invested.
  • An OHSInsider study reported that, over 10 years, Canada Life Assurance Co.’s wellness program, reaped a reward of $7 for each dollar spent on health promotion.

Incentive rewards available for Wellness and Safety Incentive Programs:


Online Rewards

Our online rewards mall contains millions of merchandise rewards, just like your participants’ favorite online department stores! They can save up their online reward points for the incentive rewards that are most motivating to them.


Debit or Gift Card Rewards

Single-use, reloadable, virtual…we offer debit and gift card incentive rewards in all shapes and forms. Safety and wellness incentive program participants can spend their debit card rewards wherever VISA® is accepted, or offer them gift card incentives to 175+ different stores and name brands!


Whether your goal is to establish a safer work environment, reduce accidents and safety violations or promote healthy lifestyles that reduce employee absenteeism, wellness and safety incentive programs can help improve the well-being of your employees, partners or affiliates. Investing in wellness and safety not only increases productivity, it shows that your organization prioritizes the health and happiness of its affiliates.


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