Inspire growth with a complete channel management solution that includes services, rewards, and technology.

Incentive Solutions helps you grow by putting our strategic services and 30+ years of experience to work for you. We start by identifying your unique challenges, and plan custom incentive solutions to meet your goals. We then pair the right rewards to best motivate your channel partners, customers, or salespeople, driving the desired behaviors necessary to overcome your challenges. Combining all of this with our powerful, proprietary incentive technology platform, you have the data you need track and monitor campaign success. We’re here to help you grow and prove ROI! 

Some of the channel challenges we help with: 

Need to increase sales?

Motivate, train, and recognize your channel sales force.

Millions of rewards give your sales reps millions of reasons to exceed quota, engage, and increase product knowledge.

Looking to grow customer loyalty?

Add personal value to your brand and increase customer engagement.

Be more than a logo. Offer a loyalty rewards experience that connects to customers’ feelings and memories.

Too many channel technology platforms to manage?

Leave incentive management to the experts, and get back to what you do best.

Leverage our full range of incentive support and services. Our passion, creativity, and experience are your tools to success.

Wondering who's buying your products?

Learn who your customers are, what they’re buying, and how to market to them.

Understand your entire distribution channel better with incentive technology that returns channel sales and customer data.

Want to align behaviors with your channel marketing and sales strategies?

Try using incentives as motivators.

Motivate partners to submit sales data, increase product knowledge, and participate in campaigns and promotions.

Worried about incentive program ROI?

Prove the value of your channel incentive program.

See how your marketing dollars perform in real time, with analytics, dashboards, and reports available 24/7.

Here’s who we’ve helped.

Our solutions are proven.

Proven Solutions - ROI


Incentive program return-on-investment

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Proven Solutions - Increase in channel partner sales data


Increase in channel partner sales data

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Proven Solutions - Higher channel marketing engagement


Higher channel marketing engagement

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We’ve partnered with Partner Relationship Manager leader, Channeltivity to round out your channel management strategy.