Using Incentive Plans That Work for You

by: Luke Kreitner May 25, 2016

Although as a business owner you’re probably aware of how rewards programs can help motivate employees to produce their best work on a daily basis, not all awards programs achieve your end goals. There’s more to finding incentive plans that work than simply giving your workers a random bonus when you feel like it. More important is to find what suits your company’s distinct personality along with the needs of your employees to develop an overall consistent rewards program that keeps your employees happy with their jobs and inspired to work harder every day.

Giving Your Employees a Fun Job

One of the first things toward the difference between a good job and a lousy daily activity while searching for a better job is the environment in which you work. Competitive rewards programs incite employees to undercut each other rather than working together for the good of the company. Incentive plans that work has the employees individually competing against their own goals, or working as a team to achieve greater success. Such a plan also makes for a fun environment where personal achievements are recognized and team accomplishments are celebrated.

incentive plans that work

Rewards and Awards Toward Success

Rewards and awards as incentive plans that work for you are going to incorporate different ideas and styles according to the nature of your business and the work environment you and your employees build for yourselves. Team building travel trips for top producers are always appreciated and enjoyed. Merchandise catalog credits are a relatively easy way to reward great accomplishments, and because they build up over time they show a special recognition for continued consistent performance. There are ways to build incentive plans that work according to the nature of your business and the types of people you tend to attract as employees.

Designing Incentive Plans that Work

It cannot be overstressed how important it is to not simply throw together a rewards program that may work well for other businesses but to design a specific program of incentive plans that work for your individual needs and motivates the employees working in your business environment. Incentives and awards should be tailored to your company. Gift cards to a chain restaurant are typically appreciated, for example, but perhaps not if you work toward providing organic produce to local restaurants. Likewise, gym membership credits are meaningless if your company works a sports-based endeavor and has an on-site gym. You have to consider what the needs of your employees are to determine an appropriate rewards system for them.

Incentive Solutions works specifically toward the goal of motivating employees to give their best performance day in and day out. To determine the proper incentive plans that work for your company, speak with one of our representatives and build a specific plan that suits you.

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