Manage employee sales incentives, customer loyalty, channel incentive plans and more under one umbrella incentive program.

Incentives can help organizations accomplish many things. Your company may have a sales incentive program designed to increase sales, a customer incentive program designed to cultivate customer loyalty and a Human Resources program aimed at establishing a positive work culture and encouraging employee recognition. It’s often necessary to operate these separate reward programs, since you have different, specific goals in mind for each department. If you have multiple incentive ideas for your organization's needs, we can simplify the administrative process by gathering all your programs under one umbrella. With an umbrella incentive program, you can manage your company’s multiple incentive initiatives from a single platform.


When you unite all your incentive programs, you can promote consistency and efficiency with a single, smooth, administrative experience. One-stop tracking and performance measurement tools allow you to ensure cost-effectiveness. Create unified brand messaging or marketing for each program under the umbrella. With an umbrella incentive program, all the incentive tools and data you need are in one place!


Having a one-stop hub for all your incentive needs increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your program.

Our timely program design and implementation model allows you to launch an ideal program solution in four to six weeks! Typical umbrella incentive programs we manage are designed to:

  • Easily track the cost, budget and ROI of each reward program.
  • Reduce administrative tasks and burdens.
  • Combine multiple reward programs and dictate regional and departmental levels of control.
  • Use a single, consistent rewards currency (points) for all programs.
  • Designate specific, targeted audiences or groups for each program.
  • Align global business strategies while implementing locally and tailoring individual reward program goals.

To see how our umbrella incentive programs are helping our clients succeed, check out any of our case studies or white papers.

  • The Precision Metalforming Association Educational Foundation and Northwestern Univeristy conducted a case study of a utility company, which found that aligning corporate objectives and goals with a cohesive incentive program increased employees' pride in their work by 92%!
  • A 2008 joint Human Capital Institute/IBM study found that companies who focused on measuring and addressing employee engagement and aligning incentives to company goals outperformed other organizations in their industry.
  • An Incentive Research Foundation survey of company financial planners found that 42% would be increasing their incentive program budgets in 2014 and only 9% would decrease them.