Online employee engagement, recognition and feedback tools help you create a motivated, thriving company culture.

If you had a way to consistently engage employees, you’d be able to increase employee retention and productivity. The Total Recognition Suite Module is designed to help you do just that. Fun, interactive, online tools encourage employees to recognize each other for accomplishments or quickly, easily submit suggestions and employee referrals.

Without an employee engagement tool,you rarely know employee motivation or engagement is down until it’s too late, and employees are already underperforming or handing in their notice. Then you’re left with the costs and consequences of employee turnover. The Total Recognition Suite Module instills in employees a more positive sentiment toward their workplace, and you get the employee feedback and engagement that helps you create a better corporate culture!

What are The Total Recognition Suite Module’s features and benefits?

  • An interactive social media wall allows employees to recognize each other for going above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Allow managers and employees to offer peer-to-peer recognition in the form of online reward points.
  • Encourage the employee behaviors that help your business thrive.
  • Add a quick, easy online employee referral form to your incentive program page.
  • Employees can submit their company suggestions or feedback from your online reward program page.
  • Create a fun, interactive, online space where employees can celebrate success together.

Which pain points does The Total Recognition Suite Module help you solve?

  • Disconnect between employees, or managers and employees.
  • Negative or demotivating work environment.
  • Lack of employee engagement or motivation.
  • No employee recognition system to encourage and motivate employees.
  • Company values aren’t reinforced through employee behaviors.
  • No easy-access platform for employee feedback, suggestions or referrals.

Which types of incentive programs should use The Total Recognition Suite Module?

Sales Incentive Program

Your salespeople are on the front lines of your organization, driving business. But they can get discouraged and demotivated like anyone else. With a mobile-friendly, online employee motivation platform, they can receive recognition for their achievements, cheer on their teammates’ success and quickly, easily share their ideas and suggestions.

Employee Rewards and Recognition Program

When employees are integral to your business’ success, The Total Recognition Suite is the perfect employee engagement and motivation tool for you. Give employees a place where their voice is heard and their hard work is recognized, and you can create a corporate culture where everyone is motivated and takes your company’s success to heart.

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