Texas Business Coalition Launched a Comprehensive Employee Wellness Program

by: Nichole Gunn January 19, 2011

A 130 member coalition, the Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health (DFWBGH), initiated a new comprehensive employee wellness program, the Texas Health Strategy Project. It has been designed to help business leaders get a handle on rising healthcare costs, while at the same time guiding employees to a healthier lifestyle.

“The project uses a data model to help employers identify which elements of their health plans offer the highest return both in dollars and in employee health.” It will focus on the employers influence on employees, regarding leading a healthier lifestyle and what type of healthcare they should insist upon, explained Marianne Fazen, DFWBGH executive director.

Andrew Webber, president and CEO of the National Business Coalition on Health, a project sponsor, noted, “As healthcare costs continue to rise, more employers are recognizing the value of tailoring benefits to the health risks within their employee populations.” He added that business leaders are taking note of the effectiveness of “tailoring benefits to the health risks within their employee populations.”

The administrators of the wellness program hope to provide the information and tools needed by employers to make informed health benefit decisions.

Employers cover close to 60 percent of the healthcare costs in the U.S., and a hefty portion of those costs go toward employees with chronic illnesses, obesity, and unhealthy lifestyles. Comprehensive and effective wellness programs are an essential strategy that employers can use to help in their battle against the ever-rising healthcare costs.

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