Incentive Solutions Rewards Mall - Store Gift Card Rewards

Store gift cards are currently the most popular reward choice among businesses running incentive programs, and no one has more experience with distributing and handling gift card incentives than we do! Everyone can appreciate the direct monetary value that gift cards provide.

Our Online Rewards Mall features several gift card reward options.


  • Single-fund cards - cards that contain a singular monetary value
  • Reloadable cards - cards that can be reloaded during use
  • Virtual e-cards - online cards that use serial numbers for monetary redemption


In addition, we also offer VISA ® prepaid gift cards!

Our gift cards can be provided and used in the US or internationally!


“...Get instant rewards for all of your favorite stores!”

The Motivating Factor - Give Participants Exactly What They Want

Gift cards are a no-brainer! They are an extremely popular reward choice given their versatility and ease of use. With various options such as store-brand gift cards, e-cards, and Visa cards - your program’s participants can speedily and readily obtain anything they want!14042427_m

The Online Rewards Mall is offered through our Online Rewards Platform.

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More Rewards From Incentive Solutions!

Providing more options to your participants is a great way to ensure maximum motivation. Incentive Solutions also offers the following reward options:

Online Rewards Mall

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Digital Downloads

Music, Movies, Books, Games, and more!


Ticketed Event Rewards

Concerts, Sporting Events, Plays, and more!

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Visa Prepaid Card and Gift Card Rewards

Visa cards, 155 Store Gift Cards, Virtual cards, and more!

Special Offers -

  • Travel - Airline Tickets, Hotel and Destination Activity Bookings, Cruises, and more!
  • Uniquely Yours - For your extra awesome participants who are addicted to earning points, this rewards type allows participants to exchange points for almost anything imaginable. Imagine using your points to pay the mortgage...we’ve done that!