Sales SPIFFs drive changes in behavior quick.

So what’s the difference between SPIFF incentives and traditional channel or B2B loyalty programs? A SPIFF (also SPIV or SPIF) is an immediate bonus that is paid directly to a channel partner or sales rep for selling a specific product. Sales SPIFFs are short-term seller-side promotions that are less about relationships and more about quick results.

Strategic ways manufacturers use SPIFFs to achieve their business objectives:

Move old inventory to free up space for new lines product lines.

Launching a new product? Free up space and reduce dead inventory costs by creating a SPIFF bonus to motivate your partners to sell your old inventory.

Use SPIFF marketing to speed up adoption of new or underperforming products.

Are you going to market with a new product or do you have product line that your channel partners aren’t showing love? A strategic SPIFF program can accelerate adoption and improve market penetration.

Create brand preference and cut-out the competition.

A SPIFF program probably won’t build lasting relationships the same way a B2B loyalty or channel partner program will. But a SPIFF strategy can whip up enough brand preference to cut out the competition at crucial junctures.

Rebates drive buyer preference.

A channel partner or consumer rebate program is a tool to reward dealers and other buyers based on purchase volume or for buying specific products. Rebates help generate demand. In a crunch, who will a dealer choose to buy from – the manufacturer who allows them to claim rebates and reduce overhead, or the one who doesn’t?

How rebate programs help your go-to-market strategy:

Use rebates to collect more complete buyer data.

Many manufacturers struggle with collecting customer data for channel partners and end-users. Rebate submissions provide the opportunity to capture important sales and marketing data.

Use rebate marketing to improve B2B sales performance.

Generate demand on a specific product by offering rebate incentives. Rebate marketing can improve B2B sales performance by giving customers and channel partners a reason to choose your brand.

Offer loyalty sales rebates to solidify channel partnerships.

Loyalty sales rebates are a tool to reward buyers and encourage more buying volume or order frequency. Encourage customers to grow with you and give your best accounts a reason to stick around!

Why Incentive Solutions for your SPIFF or rebate program? That’s simple – our world-class B2B software!

Efficient Delivery Options: Instantly deliver SPIFF or rebate payouts through branded single-use, reloadable, or virtual incentive debit cards. Gift cards, eGift cards, and even point-based online rewards are also available.

Document Uploads Tools & Mobile App: Improve SPIFF and rebate redemption rates by making it simple for partners to include the necessary documentation.

Claims Verification Tools: Enhance the effectiveness of your rebate or SPIFF promotions, prevent fraud, and stay in compliance, by quickly validating claims with our claim verification tools.

Set Multiple Promotions: Tailor your SPIFF sales or rebate promotions to specific segments of your audience or target promotions for multiple products with Performance Tracking.

Custom Form Submission Fields: Capture the data you need at point of sale or rebate submission.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics: Easily access your new data with dashboards, 40+ free reports, and an array of filters. Hierarchical reporting is also available.

CRM Integration: Integrate data points from your SPIFF or consumer rebate program into your CRM to personalize your B2B marketing strategy.

Rebate and SPIFF Marketing & Enablement:  We’ll help you improve your communications with B2B buyers and sellers and provide enablement throughout your channel.

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