SPIFF programs & rebates The best way to hit sales targets quickly.


Sales SPIFFs produce quick changes in behavior.

What’s the difference between a sales SPIFF and a traditional channel or customer loyalty program? A SPIFF bonus (also SPIV or SPIF) is an immediate bonus that is paid directly to a channel partner or sales rep for selling a specific product. Sales SPIFFs are short-term, seller-side promotions that are less about relationships and more about quick, goal-driven results.

Out With The Old.

Is old product taking up space in the warehouse? A SPIFF sales promotion will help motivate your channel partners to clear that right out for you.

In with the new.

Need to boost new product lines and get your channel partners in on the action? A strategic SPIFF program can accelerate adoption and improve market penetration of your newest products.

SPIFFs Build Brand ❤️

SPIFF programs can produce long-term value and loyalty through consistent promotions, as customers come to depend on your product and it becomes a staple in their lives.

A channel partner or consumer rebate program is a tool to reward dealers and other buyers based on purchase volume or for buying specific products. Rebates help generate demand. In a crunch, who will a dealer choose to buy from – the manufacturer who allows them to claim rebates and reduce overhead, or the one who doesn’t?

How rebate programs enhance your go-to-market strategy:

Collect more buyer data.

Many manufacturers struggle with collecting customer data for channel partners and end-users. Rebate submissions provide the opportunity to capture important sales and marketing data.

Improve B2B sales performance.

Generate demand on a specific product by offering rebate incentives. Rebate marketing can improve B2B sales performance by giving customers and channel partners a reason to choose you.

Strengthen channel partnerships.

A loyalty sales rebate is a tool to reward buyers and encourage higher volume or order frequency. Encourage customers to grow with you and give your best accounts a reason to stick around!

Benefits of our SPIFF & Rebate Programs.

Why would it benefit you to use Incentive Solutions for your SPIFF program or rebate marketing? That’s simple – we have the best B2B SPIFFs & Rebate software!

Efficient Delivery Options: Instantly deliver SPIFF or rebate payouts through branded single-use, reloadable, or virtual incentive debit cards. Gift cards, eGift cards, and even point-based online rewards are also available.

Document Uploads Tools & Mobile App: Improve SPIFF and rebate redemption rates by making it simple for partners to include the necessary documentation.

Claims Verification Tools: Enhance the effectiveness of your rebate or SPIFF promotions, prevent fraud, and stay in compliance, by quickly validating claims with our claim verification tools.

Set Multiple Promotions: Tailor your SPIFF sales or rebate promotions to specific segments of your audience or target promotions for multiple products with Performance Tracking.

Custom Form Submission Fields: Capture the data you need at point of sale or rebate submission.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics: Easily access your new data with dashboards, 40+ free reports, and an array of filters. Hierarchical reporting is also available.

CRM Integration: Integrate data points from your SPIFF or consumer rebate program into your CRM to personalize your B2B marketing strategy.

Rebate and SPIFF Marketing & Enablement:  We’ll help you improve your communications with B2B buyers and sellers and provide enablement throughout your channel.

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