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Want a sales incentive program that can do this: collect purchase data, help you increase sales and motivate your sales team?

Get a sales incentive program with all the right fixings to drive up sales motivation for the team you rely on most.

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Sales Incentive Program - Incentive Solutions
Our sales incentive program increases sales and market share.
Review for Sales Incentive Program
Written by: Elizabeth D
Date Published: 02/05/2017
We have benefited greatly from Incentive Solutions sales incentive program. We have gotten great results over the past several months working with their awesome team. I would highly recommend the Incentive Solutions team.
5 / 5 stars

Motivate your sales team. Boost their sales motivation.

Not all salespeople are motivated by the same sales incentive rewards. The best sales incentive programs are designed with reward diversity - for all tiers of sales reps - in mind. Onboard a program complete with everything you need to launch effective motivation campaigns that make salespeople happy to close more deals and train up often. Motivating salespeople shouldn't be difficult. It should be rewarding.

Do these sales incentive and performance related pain points sound familiar to you?

  • Existing sales incentive plan doesn't apply to average performers, your most influential group.
  • Salespeople don't go that extra mile that will grow your business.
  • Little insight into the data you need to ramp up sales and marketing strategies.
  • Your sales team lacks incentive to update their product knowledge and training.
  • Your sales incentive program is an administrative burden.
  • You struggle to choose the right sales rewards for the right salesperson.

Meet your sales incentive solution!

The Basic Package

Sales Incentive Program Website

Every program comes with a branded website, participant portal, admin controls and sales rewards catalog.

Communications plan

A strategic 12-month promotional campaign that helps you max out participant engagement.

Free reports

Hate paying extra for the reports you need to prove program ROI? We offer 24/7 access to the reports you need - free!

Dedicated account manager

An ROI-certified account manager is always there to help you interpret program data and grow your program.

Which of our diverse sales rewards programs will you choose?

Online Sales Rewards

Celebrate your salespeople's success with reward points toward millions of in-demand items from our reward catalog.

Debit or Gift Card Rewards

Motivate sales employees the easy way with gift and debit card rewards to 175+ brands.

Incentive Travel & Event Management

Reward top-tier talent with unforgettable travel incentives and events.

These incentive modules are specially designed to enhance your sales incentives program.

How did we help businesses like yours improve performances and increase sales?


What results are you likely to see with the right sales incentive program?

    An Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) study found that, when incentive programs are first offered, a 15% increase in performance occurs, and incentive programs that run for a year or more produced an average performance increase of 44%.

    A Fortune 500 computer manufacturer increased total sales by 25% and its customer base by 35% after starting an incentive program.

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