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Meet Daley – our Art Director.

Daley worked hard, earned a lot of points, and decided to redeem them on creating one of the most memorable days of her life. Check out her reward story!

Daley’s Reward Story

Hi guys. I’m Daley Serpico, the art director here at incentive solutions and I’m coming to you today to tell you about my reward story that literally changed my life.

After about a year at incentive solutions, I finally had enough points in our reward catalog to redeem for something grand. It also didn’t hurt that I needed a vacation about this time. So, my boyfriend and I decided, hey, why don’t we take a trip! Luckily, I had enough points to redeem for 2 round trip Delta airline plane tickets, which we all know can get pricey. I redeemed for our tickets from the catalog and shortly after we set off to Montego bay, Jamaica. Since we saved so much money on our plane tickets, We were able to stay at a nice resort with a private beach access from our villa. We made so many memories on this trip, we went snorkeling, rode atvs around, got to swim in a warm spring and we got to eat some awesome jerk chicken!

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But, The most exciting part of my reward story was our last night there. This night we decided to go enjoy the sunset on our private beach and just take it all in. To my surprise, my boyfriend (at the time) ended up getting down on one knee with the beautiful beach sunset in the background and asked me to marry him. And of course, I said, yeah mon. Now, 3 years later, we are happily married and the best part is, we are expecting our first baby together! This was the most incredible experience of my life and it all happened thanks to incentive solutions for rewarding me with points that helped create everlasting memory like this one. I continue to work hard every day so I know I can continue to make awesome redemptions. I couldn’t imagine where my life would be today if we didn’t take that trip to Jamaica that changed my life forever.

That’s my reward story, now let’s hear yours!

What kinds of stories will your participants share about your program?

Daley’s story isn’t uncommon in our office. She worked hard, earned points/rewards, got engaged on the beach, got promoted to Art Director, and now has a baby on the way! Well, maybe all our reward stories aren’t exactly like that – but you get the picture (especially in our next episode!)

With these kinds of rewards up for grabs, your participants, be they employees, customers, distributors, etc, would be crazy not to work towards earning them – all while accomplishing your goals! Check out some of the other experiences our reward catalog provides.

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What kinds of stories are people sharing about your company?

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