The Quick Points Module
rewards performance and reinforces corporate culture on the spot!


branded debit card rewards

Quick Points lets you provide quick rewards to employees, channel partners, and customers.

If an employee, customer or channel partner goes above and beyond for you, you probably feel like you should give them on the spot rewards right then and there to say, “Thank you!” Some would use cash for that, but cash isn’t a great psychological motivator. It’s too similar to normal compensation, which people see as anything but a reward. That’s why we built The Quick Points Module. The quick points module can be distributed in a variety of different ways. Check out the features and benefits below!

What are the features and benefits of The Quick Points Module?

Quick Points

Give employees quick rewards with on-the-spot, fixed-point certificates. They can then redeem their points in the reward catalog, which contains millions of items!

Manager Point Banks

Give managers a set number of Quick Points certificates so they can reward behaviors that warrant rewarding in real time.

Low and High Tech

Save time and trees with digital Quick Points certificates or go with old school paper certificates that participants can show off.

QR Scanning

When paired with the Mobile App Module, participants can scan Quick Points certificates’ unique QR codes to get points added instantly.

The Quick Points Module can help alleviate these pain points.

  • Low enrollment and engagement with your incentive or rewards points program
  • Lack of engagement in company culture - or a total lack of company culture
  • Lack of wallet share amongst your channel partners
  • Disconnect in manager-employee relationships, and employees who don’t feel appreciated for their efforts
  • Customers that “shop around” and don’t buy a variety of products or solutions from you
  • Help alleviate lack of cross-departmental communication

Which incentive programs benefit most from The Quick Points Module?

  • Employee Recognition Programs
  • Sales Incentive Programs
  • Channel Incentive Programs
  • Customer Loyalty Programs

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Get the most out of The Leaderboard Module by pairing it with these other modules.

The Total Recognition Suite Module

Incorporate Quick Points into an employee recognition social media wall. Peer-to-peer recognition and support make instant rewards even more meaningful!

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The Mobile App Module

Program participants can download your reward points program app in order to scan their Quick Points QR codes and automatically add newly-received points to their point reward balance.

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The Open Enrollment Module

Use Quick Points certificates as a tool to send potential participants straight to your online enrollment form, with reward points in tow!

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