The Quick Points Module takes performance and work culture to the next level.

Use on-the-spot point rewards to boost employee motivation.

Contact us about on-the-spot employee motivation that instantly reinforces behaviors.

Use Quick Points to reward employees, customers or channel partners for behaviors you want to reinforce.

Has an employee, customer or channel partner ever gone beyond the call of duty? You probably wished you could reward them right then and there, right? But giving them cash would be tacky. And cash isn’t a great psychological motivator because cash is too similar to compensation, which people see it as an entitlement, not a reward. That’s why we offer The Quick Points Module. Managers can hand out Quick Points rewards to any participant of your incentive program at any time. Instant gratification is the quickest, easiest way to encourage productive behaviors.

What are the features and benefits of The Quick Points Module?

Quick Points module

  • Award and reinforce positive behaviors on the spot and increase customer loyalty and/or employee motivation.
  • Give managers their own “bank” of Quick Points certificates to distribute.
  • Send electronic Quick Points through email or hand out paper certificates.
  • Quickly enroll new participants into your loyalty program at events like trade shows.
  • Built-in QR scanner allows participants to scan points and add them to their rewards balance instantly.

The Quick Points Module can help alleviate these pain points.

  • Low enrollment in your incentive or rewards program
  • Employees not going above and beyond to create outstanding company culture
  • Channel partners don’t do the little things that could help increase sales
  • Low employee motivation

  • Disconnect in manager-employee relationships
  • Low engagement or activity in your rewards points program
  • Culture of employees who don’t feel recognized or appreciated for their efforts
  • Customers that “shop around” and don’t buy a variety of products or solutions from you

Which types of incentive programs should use
The Open Enrollment Module?

Employee Recognition

Quick Points rewards boost employee motivation and morale. Not only do employees feel appreciated, they receive immediate, positive reinforcement when they go above and beyond the call of duty.

Sales Incentive Program

The Quick Points Module provides you a way to encourage and reward those little things that boost sales performance—training attendance and skill certification, upselling, great prospect interactions and more!

Channel Incentives Program

The more you can do to improve your relationships with your valued channel partners, the better. Reward them with Quick Points for referring new business, having accurate product knowledge, providing marketing insights and more!

Customer Loyalty Program

The Quick Points Module makes an excellent benefit to your customer loyalty program, offering customers the chance to earn unexpected point rewards with personal value. That creates the kind of unique customer experience your competition can’t imitate.

Get the most out of The Leaderboard Module by pairing it with these other modules.

The Total Recognition Suite Module

Incorporate Quick Points into an employee recognition social media wall. Peer-to-peer recognition and support make instant rewards even more meaningful! Learn more!

The Mobile App Module

Program participants can download your reward points program app in order to scan their Quick Points QR codes and automatically add newly-received points to their point reward balance. Learn more!

The Open Enrollment Module

Use Quick Points certificates as a tool to send potential participants straight to your online enrollment form, with reward points in tow! Learn More!

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