Knowing that each business is entirely unique, we’ve developed specialized programs that can be implemented into your incentive programs to personally fit your needs with excellent intuitive features!


Modules that can be implemented into your incentive program for additional specific support and leverage when you need it!

Select Only What Works Best For You!

Our online rewards platform is designed to function on an à la carte basis, whereby you initially have the basic host, the platform itself, and then add (or plug and play) the modules as you need them to enhance your reward program. There are no hidden or transparent charges or fees! Our internal system allows you to easily pay as you go, adding only the specific modules you need. Modules can be turned on or off at the click of a mouse, anytime! Our platform can be personally designed to custom fit your needs, whatever they may be!

Total Customization

That’s not all! We’ve developed all of our incentive technology in-house, which allows us to customize and personally design each of our modules to fit your specific needs! We’ll work directly with you to ensure you get exactly what you need from your incentive program .

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Reporting - Access over 60 different types of reports that allow you to track all aspects of your program, promotions, and business.

Here’s a list of the various modules Incentive Solutions has to offer:

  • Leader Board - Showcase your participants’ sales rankings
  • Organizational Structure & Advanced Reporting - Access over 60 specialized reports
  • Open Enrollment - Potential participants to join your program without insider invitations
  • Integrated Services - Plug your incentive program into your own website or technology
  • Performance Tracking - Track participants’ progress toward meeting your goals
  • Total Recognition - Build your company’s culture of recognition with a peer to peer wall
  • Learn & Earn - Promote quizzes and surveys for participant feedback
  • Manager Point Bank - Set a quantity of reward points that managers can gift to participants
  • Quick Points - Pass out reward point certificates to your participants