The Performance Tracking Module is a complete command center for managing & tracking sales channel promotions.

The Performance Tracking Module allows you to tell the complete story of your channel incentive program: track your incentive program goals, measure performance, manage multiple sales promotions at the same time, and collect real-time sales data. With these tools, your incentive program is more agile and powerful, giving you more of the data and insight you need to exceed objectives and ROI.

Performance Tracking

What are the features and benefits of the The Performance Tracking Module

Upload Tool

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Salespeople can upload invoices, warranty registrations and other docs from their phones to validate sales claims.

Multiple Promotions

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Schedule and manage multiple, simultaneous sales promotions.

Data Collection

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Collect data and sales claims through the instant digital upload tool or through a custom claims form.

In-Depth Reporting

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Clear, direct dashboards and in-depth performance reports allow you to efficiently track sales goals.

The Performance Tracking Module helps alleviate these pain points:

1. Lack of visibility into your channel. Who are your customers and what are they buying?
2. Manual sales data entry and warranty registrations.
3. Duplicate sales entries and fraud.
4. Inability to track sales goals and/or justify sales incentive program.

Which types of incentive programs should use The Performance Tracking Module?

Sales Incentive Programs

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The Performance Tracking Module was created to be a sales and marketing tool that grows your sales incentive program alongside your ever-changing sales strategies and goals. Use its tools and features to constantly increase sales motivation and engagement, discover new sales opportunities and areas for improvement.

Channel Incentive Programs

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Motivating sales reps in your sales channel comes with the extra challenge of discovering who these sales reps are and understanding their purchase habits. The Performance Tracking Module helps you better track sales and purchases with immediate, from-the-field sales claims acquisition and segmented sales promotions.

Customer Loyalty Programs

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In channel sales, your dealers, distributors or resellers are your salespeople and your customers. A dealer or distributor loyalty program allows your channel sales reps to earn perks for choosing your products or services over your competition. This could be the differentiator you need to grow and diversify their purchases, while creating long-term brand loyalty.

Which modules pair the best with The Performance Tracking Module?

The Open Enrollment Module

The Open Enrollment Module allows unknown B2B customers to sign up for your program without needing an invitation. The best part is that you can tailor your Open Enrollment sign-up form to capture your most needed customer info.

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Mobile App

Providing on-the-go access to The Performance Tracking Module’s document upload tool allows sales reps to validate sales claims and receive reward points instantly. Immediate gratification equals greater participation!

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Integration Services Module

Our integration services allow two-way data exchange between The Performance Tracking Module and other business or sales tools, such as your CRM.

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Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module

This module allows you to control the incentive program access and privileges of your program participants. When paired with The Performance Tracking Module, it helps you organize billing and reporting generated from sales activity.

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