The Open Enrollment Module opens the door to expanding your customer database.

Let unknown customers register and gain more complete customer data and better insight into your channel.


open enrollemnt module

The Open Enrollment Module helps you collect the info that’s missing from your customer database.

Acquiring accurate, up-to-date customer data can be tough. Oftentimes, you really want to capture DSR contact information, or that of your end users. Setting up your rewards program with this in mind gives you an understanding of who these individuals are is crucial to long-term sales success. From start to finish, the Open Enrollment Module will help you collect customer data. The setup is simple, customers provide you with current and complete info in exchange for access to participate in your rewards program. Our account management and communications teams work with you to take that data and help build promotions and marketing strategies around it - ultimately helping you build larger wallet share.

What are the features and benefits of the Open Enrollment Module?

Open Registration

Allow anyone to sign up for your incentive program through an online registration form.

Data Capture

Capture data and learn more about your target demographic to improve marketing strategies

Targeted Marketing

Use captured data to run marketing campaigns targeted at different levels of your channel.

The Open Enrollment Module helps alleviate these pain points.

  • A bad database (wasting marketing and sales efforts)
  • Mixed messages to various levels of your channel
  • Lack of awareness to actual mind and wallet share
  • Blind spots inside your channel

Which incentive programs benefit most from the Open Enrollment Module?

  • Channel & Dealer Incentive Programs
  • VAR Incentive Programs
  • SPIFFs and Rebate Incentive Programs
  • Customer Loyalty Programs

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