Do you see any of these rewards from the reward catalog motivating your target audience?


Reward any online rewards catalog shopper with the latest and greatest items from electronics, tools, jewelry, sporting goods, entertainment, home & garden, and more!


Trip to Paris? A massage in Aspen? Top-performing jet-setters will line up to redeem points for cruises, airline tickets, rental cars, and 5-star hotels.

Must-see Events

Amazing experiences are just a reward redemption away! Set any participant up with tickets to the hottest movies, concerts, plays and sporting events.

Uniquely Yours

College tuition and in-ground pool installations are just a few examples of what top-earners with big plans for their reward points have redeemed with this outside the rewards catalog shopping experience.

Charitable Gifts

With reward points, giving back has never been easier for participants looking to support the causes they care about.


Whether it's corporate swag, events, products, events or memberships, you sponsor it and we'll feature it in the online rewards catalog.

What do you get with our online rewards catalog?

  • An online rewards shopping experience familiar to anyone - think Amazon or Overstock.
  • Millions of online rewards, from easy-to-earn to upscale items.
  • Participant-to-participant reward points gifting.
  • Same-day, fast in-store pick up for rewards.
  • Trendy items from our direct relationships with rewards vendors.
  • Email receipts and updates on reward redemptions.
How can you motivate salespeople in your middle majority? Use sales incentive programs that act as a complete sales and marketing tool, not just a sales rewards mechanism.
Review for Incentive Programs
Written by: Leah M
I have been working with Incentive Solutions since 2013 on several incentive promotions, and have been very impressed with their customer service and incentive programming options. I would definitely recommend them to any of my colleagues.
5 / 5 stars