Online rewards for an employee recognition program? Perfect!

Motivate employees using online rewards paired with advanced technology.

Online rewards for an employee recognition program is a smart move! Our incentive technology offers a variety of tools and features—millions of online rewards, free reports, ROI consultation, promotion plans and more!

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The Technology

With our suite of plug-and-play modules, you can build a custom employee recognition and rewards program. Add online peer-to-peer and on-the-spot recognition, as well as a mobile app or online training quizzes and surveys.

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Millions of Rewards

When you allow employees to select their own rewards from millions of merchandise, travel and ticketed event items in our rewards catalog, employee engagement soars..

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Reports and Participant Database

Access the database and 60+ free performance reports anytime, for free, to identify pain points and improve your program.

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Our system includes free communication tools, so you can inform participants and capture employee engagement quickly through email, mobile push notifications, texts, mailers and more!.


Mobile Optimization

All participant-facing features are mobile optimized, so employees can easily access them anytime they use their smartphones…and they’re always using their smartphones

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In-House Expertise

Our ROI-certified Account Managers consult you on developing the best employee recognition and rewards program possible, while our in-house programmers keep your platform updated with the latest technology.Rewards and recognition motivate employees to perform at their best and create a culture of accountability while keeping employee engagement and retention high. All these elements are vital to running a successful company. That’s why, with our technology and services, we provide much more than employee rewards. With ROI advisors always on hand, free reports and communication tools, and modules you can add at a moment’s notice, all the employee motivation tools and insights you need are in one place.