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The Incentive Solutions News blog is a leading resource on cultural and business trends as they relate to incentives, reward programs, employee engagement, customer loyalty and sales strategies. We strive to bring you valuable, pertinent content with solid, useable advice you can apply in your incentive strategies. Feel free to contact us with any studies or incentive news stories you’d like to see us publish.

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company rewards program successful

It may seem like a silly question, but it happens more often than you might expect: your business implements a company rewards program, has a […]

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indirect channel model

In today’s business world, the constant pressure to improve revenue has led to an increase in the number of companies leveraging an indirect channel model. […]

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incentive program infographic

When you implement an incentive program, it’s natural to have high expectations—you want the program to increase sales and the overall health of your business. […]

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corporate rewards program

Many companies try to establish differentiation in their markets or take a running leap at their sales goals by starting an online corporate rewards program […]

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work motivation

Some companies may hesitate to bring on an intern. The marketing team here at Incentive Solutions definitely did. There’s a lot of uncertainty and risk […]

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Award-Winning Contractor Loyalty Program

The Incentive Marketing Association’s (IMA) annual Circle of Excellence awards recognize the year’s most outstanding sales, employee and customer loyalty programs. Among the 2017 Circle […]

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