The Leaderboard Module brings out your sales team’s competitive side.

For some people, nothing’s more motivating than being able to say, “I win!” Using a leaderboard to boost employee engagement and sales performance is an effective way to tap into an inner psychological and emotional drive to be seen as the best. You can use an incentive program leaderboard to rank top performers in your latest sales promotion or sales contest, or create employee competition to increase productivity. The Leaderboard Module will transform your company culture into one in which everyone puts in maximum effort.

What are the features and benefits of The Leaderboard Module?

  • Increase employee engagement or sales performance with friendly competition.
  • Choose a standard leaderboard, or an interactive leaderboard with additional personalization and display control features.
  • Rank by org. chart within specific program participant types, such as those in particular regions, departments or organizations.
  • Automated ranking gives your sales team a convenient, up-to-date view of their standing in your sales promotion.
  • Easily qualify sales reps for top rewards like incentive travel.

The Leaderboard Module helps you solve these pain points.

  • Lack of employee engagement and motivation
  • Lagging sales and sales employee engagement
  • Salespeople stuck in their comfort zones
  • Middle majority, average performers aren’t motivated to be top performers

Which types of incentive programs should use The Leaderboard Module?

Employee Recognition

The Leaderboard Module can add the spice of competition to your employee motivation or recognition strategy.

Sales Incentive Program

What better way to motivate your sales team to beat their personal best and feed their egos than displaying a sales leaderboard?