Some people say “incentives don’t work.” We say “they’re doing it wrong.”

Check out why incentive programs fail for some, but work when done correctly.


Here are some reasons why incentives “don’t work” and how to fix those problems.

Not working

  • You give out the wrong rewards at the wrong time, like gold stars instead of points for big purchases or sales
  • Being afraid to invest in your program, rendering it ineffective from the beginning.
  • Refusing to market your program, making it your company's "best kept secret."
  • Trying to manage your incentive program all by yourself, handling reporting, reward purchases, delivery, marketing, engagement, etc.


  • Giving out desired and proportional rewards, like points for online rewards, which are scalable to the action requiring rewards
  • Smartly investing in your program, ensuring a healthy and measurable ROI.
  • Using custom marketing and creative to spread the word about your program.
  • Letting experts like us manage all aspects of your program while you sit back and do your job. We provide reporting, fulfillment, dashboards, comm plans, and more.

Check out what our clients have to say about incentives working for them.

Winner of the Dealer Distributor Incentive Award from the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA).

A plumbing products distributor sees a 319% jump in sales.

Winner of the Motivation Master Award in Channel Sales Incentive Programs from Motivation Masters.

An HVAC manufacturing giant gets a 307% return on investment.

See for yourself how incentives do work in these case studies.

Wheelchairs loading up
Build Brand Awareness
Industrial manufacturer achieves a 307% ROI by using customer incentives to educate contractors on an underperforming product line.
Increase Market Share
Plumbing manufacturer uses loyalty rewards to increase sales 15%, without lowering their price to match the competition.
Car crash
Change Customer Behavior
Distributor incentivizes B2B customers to use their e-commerce platform for a 665% increase in monthly revenue among participants.

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