Meaningful group travel incentives excite and motivate your audience to produce the results you need

Jump in and we’ll show you why we’re one of the best incentive travel companies in the idustry.

An incentive travel program that acts as a complete marketing campaign is much more valuable than just a cool trip.

What makes Incentive Solutions’ programs so different? In short, our technology. Many of our competitors utilize third party services to manage and market each incentive travel program. We have our own proprietary technology that was developed inhouse, paired with 30 years of experience, that we use to create, manage, and promote your program. Our technology transforms your program into a true marketing campaign, and not just a trip. Anyone can book tickets and a room, but we utilize the tools we’ve developed to provide so much more. We even provide free site selection and contract negotiation. Check out what our people and our technology are capable of doing for your incentive trip:


  • Sales claims submissions
  • Trip qualification via points earning
  • Event promotion & messaging
  • ROI Reporting
  • Awards & performance recognition
  • Leaderboard technology
  • Registrations & database management
  • Budgeting, reporting & management


  • FREE Site Selection
  • FREE Contract Negotiation
  • Supplier planning and management
  • Experience planning and design
  • Destination & venue selection
  • Air travel & ground transportation
  • Photography/videography
  • Onsite staffing & event theming

Let us plan your travel incentives and make motivating your base worry-free.

We work with you to create custom-built incentive travel packages to accommodate groups of any size, whether you’re looking to relax, be productive, or go on an adventure! Together we’ll plan, design, and launch an incentive travel program that’s built just for your needs. We take care of all program set-up & make sure onboarding is a resounding success. We’ll manage the entirety of your incentive travel program for you and take all the stress away, which is really what incentive trips are all about!

How important is incentive travel?

Incentive travel is memorable and emotionally impactful, making it a powerful reward to motivate sales reps, build loyalty with VIP accounts, or network with high-priority prospects. Hover over each question to learn more:

How much do US businesses spend
on Incentive Travel?

46% of U.S. businesses spend $22.5 billion annually with incentive travel companies.

How much can incentive travel programs
increase sales?

Well-designed incentive travel programs can increase sales productivity by 18% and result in an ROI of 112%.

Do Top Performing organizations use
Incentive Travel?

Of over 300 "top-performing" organizations, 90% use non-cash rewards such as incentive travel.

Check out what some of our incentive travel clients have to say about our programs!

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