Amplify brand & channel partner growth with a through-channel marketing program.    

Easy for you, easy for your partners

We partnered with OneAffiniti, to help you provide a channel marketing program to your partners that grow you and your partners’ business, effortlessly. Integrated digital campaigns with a blend of thought leadership content, your brand’s product and service content, and industry content sent on the partner’s behalf, to their valued clients.

With the OneAffiniti marketing program, you can amplify your channel marketing program to reach the prospects who are already connected with your partners, every month.

Increased visibility into your partners’ sales

What if you could have more visibility into how many sales were a direct result of each marketing campaign the partner sent out?
Gain visibility into your marketing investment with attributable sales. The OneAffiniti through-channel marketing program delivers an average of 22:1 ROI on closed sales – not just the pipeline.

Weave your brand message into your partners’ stories

You tell us which products to feature, and we’ll make sure your partners send it.
Your products get maximum impact alongside high quality industry content that we create and customize for each partner segment. Partners love that we’re able to combine lead gen content with thought leadership content, and still promote their favorite brands’ products.

Digital marketing & lead generation for channel partners

We know that not all leads are created equal. Luckily, we generate leads from partner-uploaded lists, so they can trust the quality of their contacts.
By working with partners’ first- and second-degree connections, we help them hit the right targets. Your partners will know which accounts to connect with, and when. They’ll close more deals, faster.