Use our incentive technology to drive behaviors that help your business.

Based on our whiteboard sessions, our dedicated Account Managers will help you design and set-up your platform. Backed by a team of ROI-certified software developers and communication specialists, we’ll help manage your program for you!

incentive platform

We’ll build an incentive program that works for you. 

  • Automated reward technology & goal tracking software
  • 11+ add-on incentive software modules to accomplish specific goals
  • Verification & upload tools to improve your sales data
  • Use rewards to enhance your existing ABM tools or sales tracking software
  • CRM integration & custom integration for company websites
  • Improve marketing automation metrics & build brand awareness with online customer retention

Check out the magic of our incentive software modules.

Tech wizards come included to provide custom coding solutions and continuous systemwide updates. Everything is designed in-house at Incentive Solutions.

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Featured Incentive Technology

With 11+ incentive software modules, we know it’s a lot to take in. These are 3 of our most popular modules:

Performance Tracking
  • Run simultaneous sales promotions to target multiple verticals.
  • Make it easy to get the sales data you need from contractors & customers, with upload & sales verification tools.

Mobile App
  • Instant program communication throughout your sales channel (including push notifications).
  • Integrates with Performance Tracking for on-the-go sales data submissions.

  • Spark up some friendly competition among internal sales reps or B2B customers.
  • Interactive platform which recognizes top performers based on the metrics you choose.

More than just incentive software programs.

Are you in the B2B customer retention business? Because we are. This isn’t a one-time deal where you end up with software programs that are supported by automated emails, instruction manuals, or a ticket in a call center. Along with our incentive technology, you’ll be paired up with a dedicated Account Manager, who will work with you to understand the nuances of your specific industry and your unique challenges. And we manage it all for you!

Get more from your incentive program provider. Our clients choose us, because we offer a personalized approach. 

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