Meet the incentive technology that helps you get more out of your channel.

Get more channel data and revenue, not more responsibilities.

The right incentive software makes your channel better.

We design, build, and manage your incentive technology, giving you back time and resources!

Our incentive technology started off as a simple way to distribute corporate rewards online. But over many years of working closely with clients, we learned they had pain points no one was solving. So we transformed our rewards system into the channel incentive management and marketing platform it is today. All our tools and features were designed with client input to help brands like you get more from your channels, without costing time and resources you don’t have.

Our incentive programs flex to address your specific pain points, and can help you:

  • See who’s buying your products all the way through your channel.
  • Identify and seize on opportunities for increasing mind and wallet share by gathering sales data that shoes how customers are buying and how they’re engaging with your brand.
  • Gain full visibility into your channel and its behavior with reporting and analytics you can access with no additional charge. It’s your data!
  • Keep your incentive program participants engaged and active in the program with our standard and custom communications plans.

The Base Package

Incentive Management Software – Good things start in small packages.

At Incentive Solutions, we start you off with the base package, which provides you with the tools, reward system, and full-service support needed to get your incentive program started.

    Our base package is unique in the incentive industry because it includes:


    • A branded participant portal where your participants can track their progress, access their program account information, and redeem rewards in an online catalog.
    • Millions of merchandise rewards, exclusive travel options, and tickets to the hottest concerts and events from our online rewards catalog.
    • An admin portal where you can manage your program, access detailed reports, and create or update sales promotions on the fly.
    • Data-driven strategy and incentive program management from a team of experts trained to help your program achieve return on investment (ROI).
    • Continual updates and improvements from our software development team, who create our technology entirely in-house.
    • An annual communication plan to enroll participants and keep them engaged—on the house (ask about our custom options)!
    • The option to enhance your program at any time with any of our add-on modules with specialized features.

    Add-On Modules:

    Which modules best fill your incentive program needs?

    Our add-on incentive software modules integrate seamlessly into your incentive program – making it easier than ever to accomplish your company’s incentive goals. Do you want to collect more sales data from documents such as warranty registrations? Encourage more product knowledge among sales reps? We have a module for that!

      agsdix-fas fa-chart-bar

      Performance Tracking

      Increase data collection across your distribution channel by allowing participants to instantly upload invoices, warranty registrations, and other sales claims in exchange for instant rewards. Create specific rules for sales claims validation, target multiple verticals, and run simultaneous promotions.

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      With program analytics displayed in real-time, dynamic dashboards, you can filter data based on partner- and customer-specific attributes, identify trending behavior, track program activity and goals, to-the-minute, forecast results with predictive analytics, and more!

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      CRM Integration

      Never miss a beat with this module, which seamlessly integrates your incentive program with your existing CRM, marketing automation, or ABM platforms. When all your sales and customer data flows easily between your sales and marketing platforms, you can better understand and serve buyers.

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      Motivate sales reps with this fun, competitive module that lets internal sales reps or channel partners compete for bragging rights. Staking claim as a top performer is a powerful psychological motivator. The Leaderboard Module combines that power with tangible incentives to achieve peak sales performance!

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      Org. Structure and Advanced Reporting

      Get specific in your approach to vertical marketing by segmenting B2B partners by region, department, or organization. Life is easier for everyone involved when you’re able to keep each segment’s reports, billing, program management, and access separate and organized.


      Open Enrollment

      Eliminate entry barriers to your incentive program by allowing potential leads to enroll in your incentive program with no invitation. You can customize your enrollment form to collect information about previously unknown customers. Now you can connect with and market to those customers!

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      Quick Points

      The Quick Points Module allows you to distribute paper or digital reward certificates on the spot. These reward certificates can instantly, positively reinforce behaviors that support your corporate culture and values. You can also use Quick Points to grab attention at events and tradeshows.

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      Integration Services

      Integrate your incentive software with your company website or employee portals for a better program participant experience. With single sign-on (SSO) access, participant don’t have to remember a separate URL for your program and their experience with your brand is more cohesive.

      agsdix-fas fa-graduation-cap


      Improve brand awareness, increase product knowledge, and build mindshare with interactive quizzes, trivia, and feedback surveys. Deliver custom, multimedia training content and distribute any reward amount you want for Learn and Earn participation.

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      Total Recognition Suite

      This interactive, social media styled recognition wall offers you easy way to reinforce your corporate values, nurture a positive company culture, and increase employee engagement. Manager-to-peer and peer-to-peer recognition makes employees feel recognized and appreciated, driving up morale and performance.

      agsdix-fas fa-dice


      Game-like elements make your incentive program much more fun and engaging. With the virtual spin-to-win wheel or scratch-off card, participants earn reward points as soon as they enroll in your program. This creates instant and engagement and investment in the program, making it more likely that participants will remain active in the program.

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      Advanced Communication

      Want more than our standard, 12-month communication plan? Great thinking! Greater investment in incentive marketing leads to more program activity and better results. With the Advanced Communication Module, you get access to email marketing customization and scheduling, premium templates, and marketing campaigns driven by KPI and ROI tracking.

      Ready to Get MORE from your Channel? Reach out!

      Channel wins don’t come from incentive technology alone.

      Channel sales and marketing wins don’t come from simple software procurement. They come from expertise, creativity, and collaboration. That’s why we offer an incentive solution that includes not just technology, but in-depth data resources and expert services. We roll up our sleeves and learn your industry and your channel, so we can provide a solution that helps you connect with your unique audience, get more channel insights, and increase sales.

      Flexible Incentive Technology

      Our incentive technology includes everything you need to get started, plus specialized tools and features you can add on to enhance and empower your program.

      Analytics & Data Insights

      Always know your incentive program’s value with customizable reports, real-time performance data, and predictive analytics that help you forecast outcomes to make proactive business decisions. Access all this data anytime, at no extra cost.

      Full-Scale Support & Services

      From our ROI-trained account managers and full-time, bilingual participant support team, to our in-house developers constantly improving software performance and security, our team of incentive experts become an extension of your company.

      Brands love our incentive programs because they get results.

      With the flexible tech, deep channel data, and expert services of our incentive programs, here are some of the results our clients have achieved!

      5:1 ROI

      This manufacturer motivated dealers to sell more products and submit sales data, increasing sales 40% and achieving 5:1 program ROI!

      40% Sales Increase

      This construction supplier quadrupled loyalty program participation and increased sales 40%!

      8X Revenue

      This building supplier’s loyalty points program achieved 8X more revenue from participating channel partners than non-participants!