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Want to drive the right behaviors? You need incentive technology from the right incentive program provider.

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Our incentive programs technology is powerful enough to make complex processes easy, and flexible enough to custom-fit to your unique needs.
Review for Incentive Programs Technology
Written by: Gerald A
Date Published: 01/30/2017
The service provided to our awards recipients is second to none. Incentive Solutions provides practically any merchandise or service requested by our customers. We also appreciate the responsiveness of the staff when our account needs attention for any reason. We are very satisfied with our experience with Incentive Solutions.
5 / 5 stars

So, what can our incentive technology do for you?

Are you looking to drive growth? Close more deals? Push more product through your sales channel? There's advanced, flexible reward technology for those goals. Accomplish your business goals with the rewards program software you can configure to your needs.

What comes with our incentive technology?

Everything your rewards platform needs to succeed: a 12-month promotional campaign, a free reporting suite with 40+ reports, and so much more. And that's just our Basic Package, the "starter kit" that comes with every incentive program.

1. The Basic Package

Our not-so-basic Basic Package helps you with incentive program management: proving ROI, promotions, communications, reward fulfillment and more.

Participant Portal

A branded online reward site where your participants interact with your incentive platform.

Rewards Catalog (Merchandise or Cards)

Incentive software stocked with millions of the latest and greatest items any participant can enjoy.

Administrative Portal

A time-saving administrative hub built into your incentive system granting you deeper insights into participant activity.

Free Program Reports

You hate paying extra for the reports and analytics you need to prove program ROI. Here's to 24/7 access to 40+ reports - on the house.

Communication Plan

Communicate your online incentive program's value proposition clearly with a 12-month campaign designed to max out engagement.

2. Performance-boosting, add-on incentive software.

Think of a pain point and this rewards program software targets it. Take on one or all to solve your business needs - the choice is yours.

Choose the billing model that makes the most sense for your incentive program budget.


Two invoices a month for 20% of the value of all points issued and 80% of the value of points redeemed

Apply 50% of your set-up fee as a credit for points issued within first 120 days of the program

* cost of system set-up and management fees applies to all billing models

4. Program Implementation

Your incentive program can be up and running in as few as 6-8 weeks from the time you deliver marketing collateral necessary to begin program design. Your account manager will work with you to collect all materials needed and ensure your incentive program is set up just the way you want.

Step 1.

Program Setup and Branding

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Step 2.

Data Management and System build

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Step 3.

Site Review

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Step 4.

Admin Training

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Step 5.


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Incentive technology and reward program providers aren’t hard to come by. But many online reward systems lack the power, flexibility, strategic thinking and incentive expertise that make our comprehensive incentive systems unique. We don’t want to be just a rewards peddler. We want to help you build a rewards program that is strong enough to meet your business needs and agile enough to grow with your company.

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