The right reward is crucial to getting MORE from your incentive rewards program.

Choose from online rewards, incentive travel, and gift and debit rewards.

Get the incentive rewards that can motivate any program participant, anywhere.

Incentive rewards aren’t one-size-fits all. That’s why Incentive Solutions is reward-neutral in the types of incentives we provide. We want you to be able to offer your audience the rewards that work best for your specific goals and circumstances. Whether you want to build customer loyalty, recognize employees, or increase sales with performance incentive rewards programs, Incentive Solutions can help!

Here’s how we align your goals, participant audience, incentive rewards, technology and program measurement to develop a custom sales and marketing solution:

Step 1: We structure your incentive program to achieve your business goals.

We’ll get to know your business to identify your unique differentiators and solve your pain points. From there, we’ll create a set of goals as the foundation of your program. Then we’ll tie your goals to your program’s key performance indicators (KPIs) for ongoing program performance reviews.

Step 2: Identify your incentive program audience.

Who has the most influence over your goals? When we answer this, we’ll know who your incentive program participants should be. We’ll get familiar with them to determine which incentive strategies will move the greatest number—i.e. your mid-performing 60%—closer to the top 20% star performers or most valuable buyers.

Step 3: Pick your incentive rewards.

When we understand your goals and your participant demographic, we can decide which incentive rewards are best for getting the results you want out of your program. Choose from these options:

Online Rewards

With an online rewards program, your participants earn digital points that they can redeem in our online rewards catalog, which features the latest and greatest merchandise items. With something for every performer, online corporate rewards push average performers to the next level. You can experience the biggest impact on your business goals from the group that has the most power to do it.

Debit Card Rewards

Debit card rewards are versatile crowd-pleasers. We offer single-use, reloadable, or virtual debit cards. They’re great for short promotions such as sales performance incentive funds (SPIFFS) because recipients spend them quickly. Global incentive program audiences also love virtual cards, since they can be used on local online stores, bypassing long wait times for international shipping. 

Gift Card Rewards

Gift cards are simple, easy, and fast—that’s why incentive program participants and sponsors alike love gift card rewards programs. With gift cards to over 175 stores and brands, including Target, Nike, Uber, Amazon, and many others! No matter their personality or preferences, all your incentive program participants can find something that uniquely motivates them. 

Incentive Travel

The height of all incentive rewards, travel incentives offer unforgettable experiences to top-earners in your program. It’s the gift that keeps giving long after the trip ends, especially when you benefit from our extensive network of travel industry partners. Drive up undying loyalty from top-performers with group incentive trips they’ll cherish for a lifetime – or, until next year’s trip! 

Step 4: Combine rewards with our technology to turn your program into a full-scale channel marketing tool.

Once we’ve established the goals, audiences, and incentive rewards that will work best with your objectives, we’ll structure your incentive program accordingly. Our in-house programmers, creative services teams, and your Account Manager will offer strategic support throughout program implementation and launch. You’ll be set up for success with our Basic Package and add-on, program-enhancing modules:

Basic Package

All incentive programs start off with the Basic Package, which includes everything you need to get your program started, including:

  • Branded participant portal where your participants can track their progress & redeem their points on…
  • An online rewards catalog with millions of merchandise items.
  • An admin portal where you can monitor and manage your program.
  • A dedicated account manager trained on incentive program management best practices to help your program exceed ROI.
  • Our in-house team of software developers constantly update and improvement our technology.
  • An annual communication plan to enroll and engaged participants—on the house (ask about our custom options)!

Add-On Modules

Our add-on modules include these specialized features and tools designed to make your incentive program more effective:

  • The Performance Tracking Module allows you to collect sales data with a document upload tool and run simultaneous promotions.
  • The CRM Integration Module integrates your incentive program with your customer data platforms, such as CRM, marketing automation, and ABM.
  • The Leaderboard Module display live, interactive rankings of your participants. Nothing like friendly competition to drive performance!
  • The Org. Structure & Advanced Reporting Module allows you to segment participants by region, department, or organization to personalize their program experience.
  • And many more! Check out our full selection of add-on modules.

Step 5: Program launch!

We’ll get to know your business to identify your unique differentiators and solve your pain points. From there, we’ll create a set of goals as the foundation of your program. Then we’ll tie your goals to your program’s key performance indicators (KPIs) for ongoing program performance reviews.

Step 6: Ongoing reviews track your incentive program’s performance and ROI.

You can track your program’s goal progress with the tools and support we provide. Program reports, analytics, and ongoing program reviews with your Account Manager will help you measure and prove program ROI, as well as identify areas for improvement and new opportunities.

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