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We offer multiple incentive rewards types, so you can choose the one that fits your needs best.

If you’ve chosen your incentive program type, you know who your program participants are and what you’re rewarding them for. That’s the first step of setting up your Incentive Solutions incentive program. The next step is matching your incentive program type and particpants with the right incentive rewards.

Some incentive corporate rewards are versatile, and suit all kinds of program participant audiences and goals. Others give you the biggest return on investment when used in specific ways. We provide you a variety of corporate rewards for your incentive program, so you can choose the loyalty or performance rewards that best drive your participants to achieve your unique business goals. Nearly every kind of corporate reward can be found in one of the three incentive rewards categories we offer:

Online Rewards

Your program participants earn a digital currency called reward points. They redeem their points for merchandise rewards in our online rewards catalog. Electronics, tools, home goods, books, Redbox movie rentals, event tickets, hotel accommodations—the rewards catalog is brimming with millions of in-demand, name-brand products.

When are online rewards most effective?

Online rewards are perfect for long-term loyalty rewards programs or sales performance incentives programs, because participants can save up online incentive reward points for big-time gratification—new TV, grill or weekend getaway, anyone?

Your middle 60% of average performers, i.e. those who could make the biggest impact on your business goals, need easy-to-earn rewards to keep them motivated and engaged in your program. Our online rewards catalog provides a diverse array of rewards that keep them motivated.

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Card Rewards

Ah, debit and gift card simple, so universally useful! Offer prepaid or reloadable debit cards, gift cards or virtual VISA® e-codes as performance rewards and watch motivation explode.

When are card rewards most effective?

Debit and gift cards make excellent sales rewards, dealer rewards or contractor rewards because they require no explanation and everyone has a need for them, be it business or pleasure. When you want to move products off shelves or through the sales channel fast, you can offer your sales reps quick card rewards that have the same convenience and versatility as cash.

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Group Travel Rewards, Corporate Meetings and Events

No other corporate rewards compare to the unforgettable impact of a group travel experience. As your incentive travel partner, we extend to you the exclusive incentive group travel deals our long-time travel industry liasons offer us. On top of that, we ensure your incentive trip thrills attendees with our corporate meeting and event management services.

When are incentive travel rewards most effective?

Group travel rewards are best known for one thing: big return on investment. If you’re looking for brand loyalty from VIP sales channel partners or company loyalty from your top performers, travel incentives make the biggest, impact. The best reward for your best people will leave them with long-lasting memories and the drive to work harder to earn next year’s big trip.

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Many companies make the mistake of applying the same incentive rewards to every incentive plan. Incentive Solutions works with you to build a strategic incentive plan so you have the right goals, the right rewards and the right technology in place to achieve exactly what you want with your incentive program. What comes after choosing your incentive rewards? The last step: pairing your program and incentive rewards with our advanced incentive technology.

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