Build product familiarity and boost brand loyalty with a value-added reseller incentive program.    

Our VAR incentive programs help suppliers better connect with resellers to increase sales, improve market share, and maximize profit margins.

Value-Added Reseller (VAR) incentive programs are designed as a quick and cost-effective way to connect with your supply chain partners. Rewards provide resellers with greater incentive to stay educated on your products, working harder and more closely with you to ensure profitable results.

VAR reseller incentive programs help you:

  • Motivate your resellers to act in your organization’s best interest

  • Accelerate your sales strategies

  • Cultivate positive, long-term partnerships

  • Create product enthusiasm

  • Increase product knowledge

  • Connect with VARs to capitalize on market opportunities and shifting sales strategies

Incentive rewards in high demand for VAR Incentive Programs:

Online Rewards

Incentive Solutions’ online reward catalog features millions of rewards in ticketed event, travel and merchandise categories. These non-cash rewards carry personal significance and trophy value because your reseller incentive program participants select the rewards most appealing and motivating to them.

Debit or Gift Card Rewards

Single-use, reloadable and virtual debit card reward options can be used wherever VISA® is accepted. Debit card programs are an excellent reward solution for far-reaching reseller networks, as VISA® debit cards are accepted almost anywhere in the world.

Incentive Travel

Not only will resellers in your program look forward to the novel opportunity for an incentive trip, but the excitement surrounding the excursion extends to memories, conversations and social media photo-sharing, all of which positively reflect on your reward program and organization.

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Incentive programs guide

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