SPIFF Programs & Rebate Incentives  

Jump-start sales motivation and build brand preference!

SPIFF programs produce quick changes in behavior.

SPIFF stands for short-term performance incentive. This type of sales incentive targets sales reps, motivating seller behavior by providing an instant bonus for a sale. The immediate reward is an effective motivator because it ties the reward closely to the action performed to achieve the reward. In other words, when salespeople receive instant rewards for selling a specific product, they’re more likely to sell more of that product. Benefits of SPIFFs include:

Move old inventory.

Launching a new product? Free up space and reduce dead inventory costs by creating a SPIFF bonus to motivate your partners to sell your old inventory.  

Increase sales of new or underperforming products.

A SPIFF program probably won’t build lasting relationships the same way a B2B loyalty or channel partner program will. But SPIFF strategy can whip up enough brand preference to cut out the competition at crucial junctures.  

Create customer loyalty.

A SPIFF program probably won’t build lasting relationships the same way a B2B loyalty or channel partner program will. But SPIFF strategy can whip up enough brand preference to cut out the competition at crucial junctures.  

Get Results, Quickly, with our Program

With some of the fastest implementation times in the market, we can get your team set up with a SPIFF program in no time! Reach out to get started!

Rebate incentives generate high demand.

A channel partner or consumer rebate program is a tool to reward buyers by returning a portion of their purchase back to them. This could be based on purchase volume or for buying specific products. In a crunch, who will a dealer buy from – the manufacturer who allows them to claim rebates to reduce overhead, or the one who doesn’t? Benefits of rebate incentives include:

Collect more sales and customer data.

Many manufacturers struggle with collecting customer or end-user data. Rebate claims submissions provide the opportunity to capture important sales and marketing data.

Rebate marketing engages partners.

Rebate incentives capture partners’ attention with cost-saving opportunities. You can use this to your advantage, engaging and educating partners in rebate-earning marketing messages.

Improve brand loyalty and customer retention.

Loyalty sales rebates are a tool to reward buyers and encourage more buying volume or order frequency. Give your best customers a reason to stick around!

Ready to Generate MORE Demand?

What makes our sales incentive programs unique??  

Our extensive experience helping companies achieve their goals has taught us that success doesn’t come exclusively from technology or rewards. No two B2B brands have the same channel partner base, challenges, or goals. A static, one-size-fits all incentive plan isn’t a sustainable. Your incentive program should be agile enough to adapt to your goals, powered not just by technology but creativity and a human touch to give it a competitive edge. That’s why we combine incentive rewards technology with data and services, so you can steer your incentive strategies with insights, vetted experience, and expertise.

Incentive Technology  

With a powerful core platform plus a variety of custom, add-on features, we can create a unique SPIFF or rebate incentive solution for you. Our incentive software includes:

  • An administrative portal that allows you to manage the program.
  • A participant portal with access to the rewards catalog and account info such as reward balance.
  • 10+ add-on modules with specialized tools and features that expand program capabilities.

Data, Analytics & Reports     

Data on your incentive program performance is crucial. You can access real-time and comprehensive data about your program 24/7, at no extra cost, such as:

  • In-depth reports on participant activity, including sign-ups, account activation, engagement, and reward redemption. 
  • Dashboards providing a comprehensive overview of program performance over time.  
  • Real-time, accessible charts and graphs track progress toward your goals. 

Support & Services

Our teams’ expert support and services have been helping companies achieve their goals for decades. Our incentive experts include:

  • In-house developers continuously improving our technology’s performance and security.  
  • Dedicated account managers trained to help your program earn ROI.  
  • Full-time teams for reward program redemption and participant support. 
  • Creative specialists who boost program engagement with free or custom communication plans.