SPIFF Programs & Rebate Incentives

Jump-start sales motivation and build brand preference!

SPIFF Programs
Rebate Incentives
A short term performance incentive. SPIFFs target sales reps to motivate seller behavior by providing an instant bonus for a sale.
A buyer side promotion. Rebate incentives target customers to generate product demand.

SPIFF programs produce quick changes in behavior.

For the short term.

A strategic SPIFF program can accelerate adoption and improve market penetration of your newest products.

For the long term.

Attract a new audience and spice up your current incentive strategy by offering a variety of SPIFF promotions.

For the short term.

A strategic SPIFF program can accelerate adoption and improve market penetration of your newest products.

Rebate incentives generate high demand.

More data

Build a flexible, scalable rebate incentive program with performance data & reports.

Faster communication

Run multiple rebate incentive programs at once, targeting different sales teams, dealers, or distributors.

Better results

Communicate with your audience immediately, driving on-the-spot behaviors to meet your sales goals.

From channel partners to end-users, we’ve got you covered.

Open Enrollment

Gather customer data you otherwise wouldn’t see at point of sale or rebate submission.

Efficient Reward Delivery

Instantly deliver SPIFF or rebate payouts through single-use or reloadable debit cards.

Claims Verification Tools

Enhance the effectiveness of your rebate or SPIFF rewards, prevent fraud, and stay compliant with quick claim validation.

Marketing & Enablement

Incentive-based marketing campaigns engage your target audience, driving more activity and better results.

Set Multiple Promotions

Run multiple SPIFF programs or rebate incentives simultaneously while targeting specific segments of your sales channel.

Manufacturer Incentive Ebook Release

Incentive Program Secrets for Manufacturers

An exploration of the challenges facing manufacturers today. Arm yourself with actionable advice for identifying where (and how) incentives can make the biggest impact in your channel.

Incentive Program Playbook

The BthruB Incentive
Program Playbook

A step-by-step outline for structuring your incentive program for sustainable ROI. Download your copy to learn more about the latest in incentive strategy!

Incentive programs guide

Guide to a Successful Dealer Incentive Program

A succinct guide for creating a successful channel incentive program. Download your copy to learn more about how to use incentives to increase sales across your distribution channel.

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