Sales incentive programs increase sales motivation and reward high performance.  

Increase sales by nurturing more engaged, educated, driven sales teams.

An effective sales incentive program is more than just rewards.

Not all salespeople have the same motivations. The best sales incentive programs are designed with diverse incentive rewards in mind. They’re able to motivate all tiers of sales reps, from lower-level rookies to all-star performers. When you offer a wide array of sales rewards for a range of different behaviors, you can drive the specific results you want while giving salespeople the power to choose the rewards that motivate them most.

Incentive Solutions’ sales incentive programs are complete with everything you need to launch effective sales promotions and motivation campaigns. Any incentive company can offer you rewards, but the real value of a sales incentive program is everything that comes with it. In addition to exciting sales rewards, Incentive Solutions arms you and your reps with the tools, sales data, and analytics you need to increase sales.

Say no to sales incentive programs that don’t fully integrate with and enhance your existing software stack. Say no to sales incentive programs that treat your sales teams like a one-size-fits all equation. Say no to the status quo!

Combine sales motivation and enablement tools to increase sales.

Sales motivation doesn’t just come from incentive rewards. Salespeople need strategic goals and helpful resources to succeed. Our sales incentive programs help you address challenges in these ways:

  • Target specific business initiatives and KPIs with a flexible, software-based sales incentive plan.
  • Increase product knowledge and selling confidence with online training incentives.
  • Use sales incentive software to enrich your sales data and set up sales reps for success.
  • Track and measure program progress in real-time with full access to your program reports and analytics.
  • Streamline data exchanges with mobile sales claim submission and verification tools.
  • Motivate sales team all-stars with incentive travel or a Leaderboard they can dominate.
  • Drive sales motivation with incentive debit cards, gift cards, or millions of points-based rewards.
  • Maximize participation and engagement with program communications and gamification.
  • …all in one sales motivation platform that integrates with your CRM, LMS, and other platforms.

What makes our sales incentive programs successful?  

There are plenty of sales incentive program companies to choose from. What makes Incentive Solutions different? Our solutions are built on the belief that every company requires a different strategy to reward their sales team and achieve their unique objectives. Our programs provide custom, full-scale sales solutions that help you meet goals and gain valuable customer data. By combining technology, data, and services, our programs help companies increase revenue and develop better sales strategies.

Incentive Technology  

We create a unique solution to your sales challenges using powerful, flexible incentive software. Our technology includes:

  • An administrative portal that allows you to manage the program.
  • A participant portal with access to the rewards catalog and account info such as reward balance.
  • 10+ add-on modules with specialized tools and features that expand program capabilities.

Data, Analytics & Reports     

Accurate, accessible data to track your program’s performance is just as important as its functions, and you can access it 24/7, at no extra cost.

  • Detailed, customizable reports on participant enrollment, account activation, engagement, and reward redemption.  
  • Dashboards show summaries of program performance over time.  
  • Easy-to-read charts and graphs track your program’s progress toward your goals.

Support & Services

Our team of incentive experts offer support and services guided by 30 years of managing successful incentive programs. Our team includes:

  • Full-time, in-house developers constantly enhancing our software’s performance and data security.  
  • Dedicated account managers help your sales incentive program surpass ROI.  
  • Full-time support teams for participant and reward redemption.
  • Incentive marketing specialists who provide full communication plans to boost program engagement.   

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These rewards work best with sales incentive programs.   

Each type of incentive reward has unique advantages. These are the reward types we recommend to motivate and recognize your sales force.

Online Rewards   

With our online rewards programs, clients reward salespeople with digital points. Those points can be spent in an online rewards catalog with millions of rewards, from event tickets and media to electronics and home goods. The wide selection of rewards allows you to motivate your entire sales force, not just top performers.

Debit & Gift Card Rewards 

Debit and gift card rewards offer the ultimate versatility and everyone knows how to use them. Debit card rewards have two additional advantages: they can be branded to reinforce mindshare, and you have the option to use virtual codes that participants can spend in local, online stores. This makes debit cards the perfect choice for an international participant base.

Incentive Group Travel

Group incentive trips are the best option when you want to reward your top performers. Incentive trips, managed by our experience incentive travel team, reward your most valued sales people with memorable experiences that make a big impact. You’ll build stronger relationships and foster company loyalty, while offering salespeople long-term memories tied to your brand.

Sales incentives that produce measurable results.

Using sales incentive program best practices, we help clients increase sales, motivate sales teams, and generate buyer demand. Check out these case studies!

Insurance Sales Incentives

19% increase in policy sales from independent agents.

Distributor Sales Incentives

319% sales increase from indirect
sales reps.

Contractor Sales Incentives

307% ROI from providing sales
enablement incentives.