Dealer incentive programs help increase sales and mindshare.

Strategic dealer incentive plans make your channel relationships more profitable and collaborative.

Dealer incentive programs redefine and strengthen channel relationships.

If you’re a manufacturer or supplier in a distribution channel, you likely face many challenges to connecting with your dealer customers. Maybe you need to know more about your end-users. Or do you need to identify time-consuming processes and obstacles, so you can lower the barriers of dealers doing business with you? Wherever the disconnect may be, many manufacturers like you have gaps in their channel knowledge. Dealer incentive programs can help you fill in these information gaps and build stronger partnerships that benefit both you and your dealers.

Increase trust, loyalty, and revenue with your dealer channel partners.

Incentive rewards inspire action and motivation among your dealers. That’s just the start! Incentive Solutions offers dealer incentive programs that aren’t just reward systems: they’re strategies that align and amplify your channel sales and marketing plans. Our incentive technology is supplemented with data insights and real-life expertise, so your dealer partner relationships can reach their full potential. A few of the challenges our incentive programs help with:

  • Improve the consistency of sales submissions and warranty registration with mobile-ready claims upload and verification tools.
  • Gain greater visibility into your distribution channel with more sales and customer data.
  • Structure your dealer incentive program to collect sales and customer data to improve future marketing efforts.
  • Improve dealer training and product knowledge by creating interactive quizzes and trivia reinforced by rewards.
  • Motivate dealers to choose your brand by providing unique perks and personal value.
  • Offer your dealers access to millions of rewards, including merchandise in an online rewards catalog, gift cards, debit cards, and incentive travel.
  • Personalize incentive strategies and maximize the ROI of your dealer incentive program by segmenting your dealer network by size, region, and department.
  • Work with a dedicated account manager and team of incentive experts to plan, design, implement, and manage your dealer incentive program.

What’s special about our dealer incentive programs?  

What makes Incentive Solutions different from all the other channel incentive software providers out there? We don’t just offer rewards and technology. Our incentive programs’ success comes from a combination of technology, data, and services. By putting all three of these to work for you, we build true solutions that align with and amplify your sales and marketing goals. By combining technology, data, and services, we’ve helped companies increase dealer/distributor sales by 32%!

Incentive Technology

Advanced incentive technology allows us to create a custom solution to your channel challenges. Our incentive platform includes:

  • An administrative portal for managing and tracking the program’s performance.
  • A participant portal that includes the rewards catalog as well as account info such as reward balance.
  • A selection of add-on modules with specialized tools and features to expand the program’s abilities and enhance performance.

Data, Analytics & Reports  

Stay informed of your program’s value and performance with program analytics and reports. You can access all this data and more 24/7, at no extra cost: 

  • Reports tracking dealer incentive program enrollment, account activation, engagement, and reward redemption.  
  • Dashboards that offer a summary of program performance.  
  • Easy-to-digest, real-time charts and graphs that track progress your program’s progress toward its goals..

Support & Services

Advanced incentive technology allows us to create a custom solution to your channel challenges. Our incentive platform includes:

  • In-house software developers constantly improving our technology’s capabilities and data security.  
  • Dedicated account managers specially trained to help your program exceed ROI.  
  • Full-time participant and reward redemption support teams.  
  • Professional creatives who develop full communication plans to increase program engagement.

Learn how this manufacturer used a dealer incentive program to achieve long-term goals.

This detailed breakdown showcases how Incentive Solutions helped a global manufacturer use factory to dealer incentives to inspire their dealers to fill in gaps in customer data. Helping them learn how to build dealer relationships and unlock the doors to new verticals.

Here’s what clients have to say about our contractor and dealer incentive programs.  

“Incentive Solutions does a great job of managing the dealer reward programs for the Goodman and Amana brands. The account executives are always quick to respond and provide recommendations of how to structure a program / campaign, in addition to being great partners to brainstorm new approaches to rewarding the target behavior we are looking for. Strong company with excellent people that will help you manage your internal / external incentive programs with ease!” 


—Andres Barrenechea

“Incentive programs, such as rebates and rewards for purchases, helps keep our products top of mind with contractors. We are the top preferred brand of ductless, but ductless itself requires additional push through the channel since it is largely still considered niche. Incentives help us strengthen the contractors’ consideration in ductless and our brand. We also experience more frequent product innovations, and subsequently may find a need to drive a reduction of current stock. Incentives are a great win-win marketing tool for us and the channel.”

—Mike Smith