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How can you motivate salespeople in your middle majority? Use sales incentive programs that act as a complete sales and marketing tool, not just a sales rewards mechanism.
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Written by: Lindsay
It is a pleasure working with Incentive Solutions. They really function as true partners, working together with us to ensure our success. The entire team is warm and committed, and invested in helping us offer our own partners a differentiated value.
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The first step of setting up an incentive program with Incentive Solutions is choosing your incentive program types. Your incentive program types determines the audience you’re motivating or rewarding. Once you know who you’re motivating, we can help you identify your specific incentive program goals and the incentive tools, features and rewards you need to achieve them.

Which incentive program type fits your needs?

Sales Incentive Program

  • Increase sales and grow profit share by improving sales performance among your middle majority of average salespeople.
  • Schedule sales promotions targeting specific qualifying products or salespeople.
  • Encourage greater product knowledge by offering incentive rewards for sales team members who participate in training.
  • Offer sales incentives for submitting sales claims, invoices, warranty registrations and other purchase and customer data with online sales performance tracking software.

Channel Sales and Distribution Channel Incentive Program

  • Improve relationships with your most important distribution channel partners by offering exclusive purchase incentives.
  • Segment sales promotions and incentive reports by region, department, contractor, distributor or team.
  • Increase product knowledge among your dealer distributor sales reps or contractors.
  • Gain more consumer and contractor contact information.
  • Communicate and market directly to your products’ end-users.

B2B Customer Loyalty Program

  • Create competitive differentiators that draw B2B customers to you instead of the other guys.
  • Offer a better B2B customer experience.
  • Increase sales with existing customers in your distribution channel.
  • Use online incentive program analytics and sales performance tracking data to develop ever-evolving ways to increase channel sales among B2B customers.

Employee Recognition and Rewards Program

  • Cultivate a culture of empowered, motivated employees who thrive and succeed as a team.
  • Dramatically impact employee performance status quo by motivating employees among your middle majority.
  • Encourage employees to succeed as a team with a manager-to-peer and peer-to-peer employee recognition platform.

Our three-step incentive program process results in a comprehensive sales and marketing tool that meets your business goals and demands. The first step, choosing your incentive program type, sets the stage for your custom incentive solution. What’s the next step? Choosing the types of incentive rewards best for your goals.

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