Achieve your unique business goals with a custom incentive program.

Let us create an incentive program that fits your objectives perfectly. 

What’s unique about our incentive programs? 

How is Incentive Solutions different from all those other incentive program providers? We approach incentive strategies with the belief that all businesses are unique. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all incentive program. Our programs aren’t just about rewards—they’re custom sales marketing tools that help you get exactly what you want from your incentive plan. With a powerful, effective combination of technology, data, and services, we’ve helped companies increase sales and build long-term customer loyalty. 

Incentive Technology

Powerful, versatile incentive technology allows us to create a unique solution to your sales and marketing challenges, including:

  • An admin portal for monitoring and managing the program.
  • A participant portal including account info and a rewards catalog.
  • A pre-programmed selection of modules with specialized tools and features. Just add on the ones you want!

Data, Analytics & Reports

You’ll always know how your program is performing with our extensive program reports and analytics. The best part—you can access your data instantly, anytime, at no extra cost!

  • In-depth engagement and activity reports show you who’s using your program and how often.
  • Dashboards provide a quick visual overview of program performance.
  • Real-time charts and graphs track goal progress.

Support & Services

With decades of experience under our belts, our team of incentive experts knows what works. This team includes:

  • In-house developers constantly improving software performance and security.
  • Account managers trained to help you achieve ROI.
  • Full-time participant and reward redemption support teams.
  • Incentive marketing specialists who optimize program adoption and engagement.

Choose the work incentive program type that best fits your needs.

Which type of incentive program will work best for your business? That depends on your goals. Whether you want to engage an untapped segment of potential buyers, gain more complete visibility into your channel, drive revenue, or increase customer retention and loyalty—we have the tactics and strategy that will help you achieve your goals. Below are six common incentive program types we recommend to our clients, but these are just starting points. Our solutions are built specific to each business that we partner with, so ask about our custom solutions and click to learn more about each incentive program type. 

B2B Customer Loyalty
Sales Incentive Programs
Employee Programs
Channel Sales Programs
Dealer Incentive Programs
SPIFFs and Rebates

B2B Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Create competitive differentiators that draw B2B customers to you instead of the other guys. 
  • Improve your B2B customer experience, creating brand loyalty and increasing customer retention. 
  • Increase sales and fill new verticals with customers in your distribution channel. 
  • Use online analytics and sales performance tracking data to develop ever-evolving ways to increase channel sales among B2B customers. 
  • Create brand advocates who offer qualified referrals and take interest in your long-term success. 

Sales Incentive Programs

  • Increase sales and grow profit by improving sales performance for your internal sales teams.
  • Offer sales incentives for submitting sales claims, invoices, warranty registrations, and other purchase and customer data with online sales performance tracking software.
  • Schedule sales promotions targeting specific qualifying products or salespeople.
  • Encourage greater product knowledge by offering incentive rewards for sales team members who participate in training.
  • Incentivize better area coverage, response time, and client follow-up to build trust and fill new verticals with existing accounts.

Employee Recognition and Rewards Programs

  • Prove that your organization lives up to its corporate values by using rewards and recognition to consistently reinforce specific behaviors. 
  • Cultivate a culture of empowered, motivated employees who thrive and succeed as a team. 
  • Dramatically impact employee performance throughout your organization to push past the status quo. 
  • Encourage employees to succeed as a team with the new manager-to-peer and peer-to-peer employee recognition platforms. 
  • Attract next generation talent with your strong corporate culture. 
  • Retain top performers with rewards and recognition that tap into intrinsic motivation. 

Channel Sales and Distribution Channel Incentive Programs

  • Improve relationships with your most important distribution channel members by offering exclusive purchasing incentives.
  • Segment sales promotions and incentive reports by region, department, contractor, distributor, or team.
  • Increase product knowledge among your dealer distributor sales reps or contractors.
  • Gain more consumer and contractor contact information.
  • Communicate and market directly to your products’ end-users.
  • Make your brand more memorable and personally valuable to busy channel partners. 

Dealer Incentive Programs

  • Collect more sales data from warranty registrations with our claims submission and document upload tool. 
  • Collect contact information for current and future marketing efforts by allowing open enrollment into your incentive eprogram. 
  • Create interactive quizzes & trivia to educate dealers on your products. 
  • Give your dealers access to millions of dealer rewards, putting your brand top of mind. 
  • Segment your dealer network by size, region, and department to maximize the ROI of your dealer incentive program. 

SPIFFs and Rebates

  • Motivate sales reps to act quickly with rewards they can earn and spend instantly. 
  • Move specific product with fast sales promotion incentives that have little to no learning curve. 
  • Increase mind share with consistent and dependable promotions. 
  • Get rid of outdated or surplus product and increase penetration of new product. 
  • Capture critical sales and marketing data with rebate submissions. 
  • Offer rebate incentives to gain a competitive edge, reward customers for doing business with you, and drive more bulk and repeat purchases.

See what our clients say about our incentive programs.

We work with some of the world’s finest manufacturers and suppliers. We love our client family because we learn every day how to keep improving, becoming a better channel incentive provider and more valued partner. Why do they love working with us? We’ll let them answer that one themselves! 

“It is a pleasure working with Incentive Solutions. They really function as true partners, working together with us to ensure our success. The entire team is warm and committed, and invested in helping us offer our own partners a differentiated value.”

– Lindsay W.

Incentive Solutions has been an invaluable vendor partner over the years helping motivate HVAC contractors to recommend our Mitsubishi Electric brand and to register each installation in the warranty system they helped us develop. Their rebate incentive and points-based loyalty programs are major contributors to our sales success. 

– Mike Smith

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