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At Incentive Solutions, we focus on helping businesses sell through other businesses more effectively. We call this process BthruB. With full-service teams of ROI-certified account managers, in-house software developers, incentive marketing specialists, we’re confident our incentive programs can help you achieve your business goals.

Below are our six incentive program types, but these are just the starting point. Our solutions are built specific to each business that we partner with, so ask about our custom solutions and click to learn more about each incentive program type.

B2B Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Create competitive differentiators that draw B2B customers to you instead of the other guys.
  • Offer a better B2B customer experience.
  • Increase sales and fill new verticals with customers in your distribution channel.
  • Use online analytics and sales performance tracking data to develop ever-evolving ways to increase channel sales among B2B customers.
  • Create brand advocates who offer qualified referrals and take interest in your long-term success.
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"It is a pleasure working with Incentive Solutions. They really function as true partners, working together with us to ensure our success. The entire team is warm and committed, and invested in helping us offer our own partners a differentiated value."

- Lindsay W.

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Manufacturer Incentive

Incentive Program Secrets for Manufacturers
An exploration of the challenges facing manufacturers today. Arm yourself with actionable advice for identifying where (and how) incentives can make the biggest impact in your channel.

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Incentive Playbook

The BthruB Incentive Program Playbook
A step-by-step outline for structuring your incentive program for sustainable ROI. Download your copy to learn more about the latest in incentive strategy!

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Incentive guide

Guide to a Successful Dealer Incentive Program
A succinct guide for creating a successful channel incentive program. Download your copy to learn more about how to use incentives to increase sales across your distribution channel.

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