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The Complete Guide to Incentive Program Strategy

Looking to kick off or spice up an incentive program? This free, nine-chapter incentive program strategy guide will guide you through incentive program best practices. From program launch to success measurement, learn how to run an incentive program that achieves your sales and marketing goals.

Chapter 1 Choose the Right Incentive Program Audience To run an incentive program the right way, you need specific objectives and goals. That means honing in on a specific, targeted audience. Read More

Chapter 2 Choosing the Right Incentive Rewards Different types of incentive rewards are suited to achieving different results. Which rewards are best for which goals? Read More

Chapter 3 Budgeting for an Incentive Program You can get a better idea of how you should budget for your incentive program by following this six-step, pre-game plan. Read More

Chapter 4 Incentive Program Billing Models Let’s walk through the value of online reward points, and introduce you to the five different billing models commonly used to pay for them. Read More

Chapter 5 Selecting an Incentive Program Provider The right incentive company can become full-fledged asset in helping develop incentive plans that align with your organization and its goals. Read More

Chapter 6 Successful Incentive Program Implementation From setting up the right goals and rewards offerings to marketing your program, these are the best practices for incentive program kick-offs. […] Read More

Chapter 7 Measuring Incentive Program ROI Here are some incentives program ROI measurement strategies we recommend for staying on top of your incentive program’s progress and goal tracking. Read More

Chapter 8 Data-Driven Incentive Strategies One of the essential techniques for getting maximum thrust out of an incentive plan is pairing online incentive technology with data-driven tactics. Read More

Chapter 9 What to Expect from Rewards Redemption Rates What if your participants redeem more points than you anticipated? If your reward strategy is solid, this is a sign that your incentive program works. Read More

Chapter 10 Addressing Incentive Program Failure Incentive programs can fail, especially if the program isn’t structured correctly in the beginning or monitored through its lifespan. Read More

Chapter 11 Holding Your Incentive Program Provider Accountable How do you know when it’s time to break it off with the incentive company you work with? These are the top five indicators that you should call it quits. Read More

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