The Mobile App transforms your incentive program into an on-the-go experience.

Your participants’ lives are on their smartphones - your reward app should be there, too.


open enrollemnt module

The Incentive Solutions Mobile App makes participating in your incentive program quick and easy.

These days, convenience plays a big role in the choices of your customers, employees and channel partners. If your online rewards program isn’t accessible by mobile app, program participants probably won’t use it at all. With the Mobile App, your rewards program never leaves your participants’ side. Instant, 24/7 access boosts program activity, making a reward app the best way to reach your business goals and increase incentive program ROI.

What are the features and benefits of the Mobile App?

Instant Access

Increase the power of your incentive program by placing it directly in your participants’ hands. Providing easy access increases activity and engagement, and leads to higher ROI.

Quick Uploads

Paired with Performance Tracking, the mobile app lets participants upload sales claims, warranty registrations, invoices and other documentation for quick validation.


Send push notifications via the loyalty program app and keep participants in the know. Alert them to new sales promotions, program updates and more.

Reward Check

The mobile app lets participants scan merchandise in-store to see if it’s available in the online reward program catalog. If available, the item can be added to a wishlist or redeemed on the spot.

The Mobile App helps alleviate these pain points.

Manual Entry

The burden of manually inputting serial numbers, UPCs or invoice numbers


Low rewards program engagement or activity


Slow sales claims validation process

The Mobile App works well with these other modules.

The Quick Points Module

Participants can use the QR scanner built into their incentive app to scan Quick Points Module certificates. This adds newly-earned digital reward points automatically to their online rewards balance.

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The Performance Tracking Module

Those participating in your sales promotions can scan and upload sales claims, invoices and other documentation directly to your incentive program’s sales performance tracking feature using the Mobile App.

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The Open Enrollment Module

Participants can enroll in your online rewards program easily, on the spot—no waiting around until they’re at a computer.

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The Communications Module

They may not get the memo, but they’ll definitely get the text. The Mobile App adds more mobile-friendly communication options to your Communication Module to make your incentive program marketing more effective.

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Which types of reward programs should use the Mobile App?

  • Channel Incentives Program
  • Sales Incentive Program
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Employee Recognition Programs

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