The Mobile App Module makes your rewards program easier to use for on-the-go participants.

Your participants’ lives are on their smartphones—your reward app can be, too!

Ready to maximize program participation with a reward app?

The Mobile App Module increases the speed and convenience of accessing your incentive program.

These days, convenience plays a big role in the choices customers, employees and channel partners make. If your participants can’t use your rewards or incentive program quickly and easily, they probably won’t use it at all. With The Mobile App Module, your rewards program is more easily accessible and never leaves your participants’ side. Instant, 24/7 access boosts program activity, making a rewards app the best way to reach your business goals and incentive program ROI faster.

What features and benefits does The Mobile App Module include?

Mobile App

  • An online document upload tool allows participants to upload sales claims, warranty registration, invoices and other documentation to quickly validate reward claims.
  • Participants can receive instant push notifications alerting them to new sales promotions, program updates and more.
  • The reward app product scanning capabilities allows participants to scan products in-store and automatically add items to their online wishlist or purchase in person.
  • Faster, easier, more convenience access to your online rewards program increases activity and engagement, which leads you to higher ROI.
  • Participants only have to log into your program once through their phones, then they’re logged in whenever they open their reward app.
  • You can configure the look of your incentive app to reflect your brand imagery and message.

A rewards program app can help alleviate these pain points.

  • Slows sales claims validation process
  • Inputting serial numbers, UPCs or invoice numbers burdens your salesforce and your administrative office

  • Low rewards program participant engagement or activity

Which incentive program types should use
The Mobile App Module?

Employee Recognition

Participants will be more active and engaged in your employee motivation program because they have quick, easy access to employee recognition features and a fast reward redemption process for easy-to-earn rewards.

Sales Incentive Program

A convenience sales claims and invoice uploading process, plus instant alerts about new sales promotions makes the Mobile App Module perfect for on-the-go sales incentive program participants.

Channel Incentives Program

Busy channel partners need easy access to your channel incentives program and an immediately apparent value proposition. An incentive app puts a rewarding experience right in the palms of their hands!

Customer Loyalty Program

An easy-to-use loyalty app that fits in with your customers’ busy lifestyles could be the deciding factor that makes your customer experience better than your competition’s.

Better together—The Quick Points Module works well with these other modules.

The Quick Points Module

Participants can use the QR scanner built into their incentive app to scan Quick Points Module certificates. This adds newly-earned digital reward points automatically to their online rewards balance. Learn more!

Performance Tracking

Those participating in your sales promotions can scan and upload sales claims, invoices and other documentation directly to your incentive program’s sales performance tracking feature using The Mobile App Module. Learn more!

The Open Enrollment Module

Participants can enroll in your online rewards program easily, on the spot—no waiting around until they’re at a computer. Learn More!

The Communications Module

They may not get the memo, but they’ll definitely get the text. The Mobile App adds more mobile-friendly communication options to your Communication Module to make your incentive program marketing more effective.

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