How do you plan an effective incentive plan? Knock it out of the park with this free e-book

Twenty-five years of experience and the latest in incentive strategy all crammed into this free incentive program e-book! Whether you’re looking to increase channel sales, build B2B loyalty, motivate sales teams, or reward employees, The BthruB Incentive Program Playbook is a must read.

In The BthruB Incentive Program Playbook, you’ll learn how to structure effective incentive plans that achieve results. This e-book includes:

      • A step-by-step outline for achieving a sustainable incentive program ROI.
      • Tips for selecting KPIs, establishing your budget, and choosing the right rewards.
      • A how-to for incentive marketing that aligns organizational goals so that you, your sales reps, your B2B customers, and your channel partners are all on the same team.
      • Case studies, infographic, charts – and more!

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      Manufacturer Incentive Ebook Release

      Incentive Program Secrets for Manufacturers

      An exploration of the challenges facing manufacturers today. Arm yourself with actionable advice for identifying where (and how) incentives can make the biggest impact in your channel.

      Incentive Program Playbook

      The BthruB Incentive
      Program Playbook

      A step-by-step outline for structuring your incentive program for sustainable ROI. Download your copy to learn more about the latest in incentive strategy!

      Incentive programs guide

      Guide to a Successful Dealer Incentive Program

      A succinct guide for creating a successful channel incentive program. Download your copy to learn more about how to use incentives to increase sales across your distribution channel.

      channel incentive playbook

      The Channel Incentive Playbook

      Access strategies, benchmark data, and insights drawn from channel incentive plan examples. Studies of our most successful channel incentive programs reveal what made them excel!