Incentive program success, without the incentive management hassle.

Are you trained in incentive program ROI and best practices? Do you live and breathe incentive plans? Don’t worry, we do! And we can handle incentive management for you! From onboarding to reward fulfillment, Incentive Solutions is with you every step of the way so your program is always optimized for success. Here are the incentive services we offer:

  • Program set up and onboarding
    • We work with you throughout the incentive program implementation process.
  • Instant sales claim upload
    • Salespeople can instantly upload invoices, warranty registrations and other documentation to validate sales claims. Receive sales data in real-time and motivate sales reps more effectively with immediate reward payout.
  • Admin training & program management
    • We’ll help you train admins to manage your program. Or you can give us the reins and we’ll take over incentive management for you!
  • Reward fulfillment services
    • We have a team devoted to ensuring your participants receive their rewards quickly.
  • ROI consultation
    • Your dedicated, ROI-certified account teams provide data, strategy and expertise to ensure your program is based on best practices.
  • Creative services
    • Execute compelling, multimedia incentive marketing campaigns with help from our talented creatives!
  • Bilingual participant support
    • We field all participant questions and support to make sure your participants are always happy with their reward experiences.
  • Travel and event management
    • A full range of a la carte services for incentive trips and events will make your group experience legendary!

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