The Ultimate Differentiator.

The Incentive Solutions Differentiator Model

This is why and how we make our recommendations for your incentive platforms and campaigns.

We use a differentiation model developed at Harvard Business School by Theodore Levitt. You can find it in his book, Marketing Imagination, chapter four, Differentiation of Anything. We applied this model to our incentive marketing business and will bring it to you and your business to help build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Let’s presume you are a manufacturer that moves its goods through an independent channel of distribution.

To even be in your business that are fundamental elements that are required, like employees, offices, factories, distribution channels, and IT infrastructure. In the model, this level is called the Generic Product, which includes your brand. At this point you and your competitors are identical.

To win sales battles and move your product through your channel, you must meet and exceed the expectations of that person you rely on most for success. It could be a distributor, distributor sales rep, dealer, dealer sales rep, or even the end user. This stage of the model is called the Expected Product. Most of America’s marketing battles are fought in this space. Tactics seen include sales spiffs, contests, discounts, rebates, and more, which inevitably reduces margins. And if successful, provide you only with temporary brand preference. you've got to ask yourself:

  • What are you doing now to meet and exceed expectations?
  • What are your competitors doing?
We work with clients like you and map the competitive activities within your channel, from both internal and external sources. We can help you improve and enhance what you are currently doing certainly.

We invest our time and intellectual capital not only at this stage, but at the next and most important level of the model, the Augmented Product. We work with you to develop a technology platform and incentive value proposition that not just meets and exceeds, but changes expectations. We do an end run around your competitor’s activities and provide you a two year head start with an enticing and engaging incentive platform, not seen before in your channel, for those you rely on for success.

By the time it occurs to your competitors that something different is going on, and they research, design, implement and manage a response that gains traction it will be two year hence. By that time we will have worked with you to further develop your augmented incentive platform and enable you to maintain your sustainable competitive advantage.

How far ahead of your competitors do you want your incentive program to take you?

When you differentiate yourself from your competitors with an incentive program, your customers, employees, and channel partners take notice and engage more in your objectives. Some of our clients have used our programs as a differentiator to the tune of over 300% ROI. Check out these case studies:

Wheelchairs loading up
Build Brand Awareness
Industrial manufacturer achieves a 307% ROI by using customer incentives to educate contractors on an underperforming product line.
Increase Market Share
Plumbing manufacturer uses loyalty rewards to increase sales 15%, without lowering their price to match the competition.
Car crash
Change Customer Behavior
Distributor incentivizes B2B customers to use their e-commerce platform for a 665% increase in monthly revenue among participants.

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