HVAC contractor reward programs can help differentiate you from your competitors, build brand awareness and loyalty, and increase B2B sales.

One of the most important things an HVAC contractor rewards program can do is motivate contractors to share end-user information with you. How would your business change if you had instant, reliable access to customer data? Imagine if a contractor could use their mobile phone to instantly report sales claims to you — making claims authentication quick and easy. Combine that technology with CRM integration, and you could have up-to-the-minute records of customer purchases as well as warranty registrations and maintenance data. Once you have end-user customer data you can tailor your channel marketing strategies to suit consumer trends, preferences, and needs.

They also help you:

Increase overall sales volume and produce a higher ROI with your marketing budget.
Reduce old inventory by motivating your channel partners to move it for you.
Accelerate adoption of your new products by incentivizing specific purchases.
incentivize dealers to sell your product, then keep selling it.

Gain quality insight into your channel with customer data and easy warranty registrations.
Improve partner marketing throughout the entirety of your sales channel.

What steps are involved in launching your HVAC Contractor Rewards program?

  • Start From The Beginning

    Determine objectives for targeted segments – such as increased sales from dealer-distributor reps, or maybe improving product knowledge among contractors.

  • Build Your Budget

    Allocate the budget needed to successfully influence your channel partners. It typically costs $500 in reward spend per channel partner per year to meaningfully affect their behavior.

  • Select Rewards

    Based on your goals, determine the timeline of your promotions, and learn what interests your audience.

  • Measure Your Performance

    Set KPIs (key performance indicators) that will determine the success of your channel incentives program.

  • Go to market

    Build awareness and engage your channel partners, making sure they are actually redeeming their points.


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