Gift Card Incentives | Gift Card Rewards for Employees, Customers and More

Gift card incentives let you easily offer rewards to the best brands and stores.

A gift card rewards program motivates employees and customers with brands they love.

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Start a gift card incentives program featuring 175+ name brands and stores.

Partner with us to offer reward gift card options to over 175 popular stores and name brands like Target, Nike, Apple, Amazon and Starbucks, just for a start. Participants can use their gift card rewards to enjoy a steakhouse dinner, a new HDTV, their morning latte fix and a lot more!

Use incentive software that boosts the effectiveness of gift card rewards.

Sure, you could always buy gift cards on your own and distribute them to your reward program audience. You’ll have to choose gift cards for employees, customers or channel partners and hope they appeal to participants. You’ll have to somehow keep up with the amount each participant has earned for each incentive card reward. You’ll have to distribute the gift cards. Or you can partner with us and get access to a wide selection of gift card incentives, as well as automatic redemption tracking, reward balance tracking and gift card delivery service. Here’s a list of incentive services and features we offer to make your gift card rewards program exceed your goals:

Build a custom gift card incentive program from add-on incentive tools and features.

Free Reports

Access program analytics and performance reports, updated in real-time and available 24/7 at no charge.

Send instant, incentive marketing content through emails, mobile push notifications, texts, postcards and more.

ROI Consultation

Our account managers are ROI-certified to help you execute successful incentive plans and strategies.



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