Engagement is the name of the game with The Gamification Module.

This module increases incentive program engagement, activity, and fun!


open enrollemnt module

The Gamification Module gets your incentive program participants engaged the moment they enroll.

The Gamification Module is one of the most popular modules for engaging employees, salespeople, channel partners and other incentive program participants in your program. Participants receive reward points as soon as they enroll in your program. This creates immediate, heightened interest and engagement in your program. Game types include:

What are the features and benefits of The Gamification Module?

Log In To Win

As soon as they log in, participants spin the spin-to-win wheel or “scratch off” the scratch off card to win reward points ass soon as they enroll in your program.

Instant Engagement

Every participant starts off with reward points. This gives them an immediate taste of winning reward points, enticing them back for more.

You Have Control

You're able to set the chance-to-win percentage for each reward prize - ensuring the house always wins!

The Gamification Module helps alleviate these pain points.

Lacks Appeal

Your program lacks the extra element of fun to motivate participants to register.

Return Users

Participants sign up for your incentive program and never come back.

Low Engagement

Reward program doesn’t engage employees, customers or channel partners, preventing the program from helping you reach business goals.

What are The Gamification Module’s features and benefits?

  • Increase sales and grow profit share by improving sales performance among your middle majority of average salespeople.
  • Schedule sales promotions targeting specific qualifying products or salespeople.
  • Encourage greater product knowledge by offering incentive rewards for sales team members who participate in training.
  • Offer sales incentives for submitting sales claims, invoices, warranty registrations and other purchase and customer data with online sales performance tracking software.

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