The Gamification Module gets your incentive program participants invested the moment they enroll!

The Gamification Module is one of the many features we offer to engage employees, salespeople, channel partners and other incentive program participants. Your participants win reward points playing a fun, virtual incentive game when they enroll in your program, which locks in their interest. Winning that first batch of reward points lures your participants back for more, keeping the program active and racing toward your business goals!

What are The Gamification Module’s features and benefits?

  • Increase sales and grow profit share by improving sales performance among your middle majority of average salespeople.
  • Schedule sales promotions targeting specific qualifying products or salespeople.
  • Encourage greater product knowledge by offering incentive rewards for sales team members who participate in training.
  • Offer sales incentives for submitting sales claims, invoices, warranty registrations and other purchase and customer data with online sales performance tracking software.

Which pain points can The Gamification Module help you solve?

  • Your program lacks the extra element of fun to motivate participants to register.
  • Participants sign up for your incentive program and never come back.
  • Reward program doesn’t engage employees, customers or channel partners, preventing the program from helping you reach business goals.

Which types of incentive programs should use The Gamification Module?

Channel Incentive Programs

In a sales channel, your customers and sales reps operate in departments, organizations or regions separate from yours. A simple, easy-to-remember access point to your online rewards program helps you build mindshare so your channel partners are more likely to participate and helps you keep your reward points data in one place.

Sales Incentive Program

As salespeople and employees, your sales team are more likely to be using multiple different online platforms. Integrating your incentive system with other online platforms increases salespeople’s activity in your program, while collecting their online point rewards in one place.

Employee Rewards and Recognition Program

If your employees frequently log in to your corporate website, intranet or LMS, The Integration Services Module helps keep your employee incentive program top of mind.

Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is essential to your brand’s survival, especially if you’re a B2B organization! Integrating your customer loyalty rewards program with your corporate website helps strengthen B2B customers’ positive associations with your brand and the loyalty rewards differentiator you offer.