EnGenius Does a Reseller Program Renovation

by: Nichole Gunn November 1, 2011

Businesses involved with channel partners are continually taking measures to enhance their channel incentive programs, and one such company doing just that is the wireless networking and long-range telephony solution vendor EnGenius Technologies.

After discussions with its North American partners and gaining insight into their needs, EnGenius just revamped its reseller program as part of its overall plans to enhance its incentive program.

In a report from ITbusiness.ca, EnGenius’ channel marketing manager Vicki Bilyeu said, “We compared our program against others that were best in class in the industry.” Using this analysis and information from its partners, the company went about revamping.

“A lot of the changes that Vicki made…was based on direct feedback from resellers,” said the company’s director of channel sales Gabriel Maxwell.

Included in the revamping, the program now offers two tiers of resellers: authorized and elite. Partners in the elite tier are committed to a dollar volume; partners in the authorized tier are not. In addition, the elite tier partners are provided extended maintenance options.

Another new feature to the EnGenius reseller program is free product demos to qualifying partners. To qualify, new resellers are required to complete and pass an online quiz. The quiz is based on EnGenius’ line of wireless products. Along with this, the company added market development funds (MDF) to its initiative.

Commenting to the news source on the changes made, manager of London, Ontario-based Microcad Computer Pam Bains said, “I thought it was fantastic. [For] a lot of the products, a lot of technical knowledge is required of them.” She added that the free demos afford resellers, who have physical storefronts like herself, an advantage.

The recognition of channel partners recently took place at the 2011 Channel Partners Conference & Expo, where the top partners were honored. The event, which took place in Chicago, also honored the Top 15 Channel Managers. Vin Garofano of Windstream received one of the prestigious awards, from among approximately 80 candidates.

Windstream, located in North Carolina, is an S&P 500 technology and communications solutions provider. Garofano is dealer manager for the firm and served the channel for eight years.

Channel Partners editor-in-chief Khali Henderson said, “Several winners made the Top 15 because of write-in votes. Such close margins show just how much all of the nominated channel managers mean to their agents.”

About Nichole Gunn

Nichole Gunn is the VP of Marketing at Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based incentive company that delivers advanced, agile B2B customer loyalty and channel sales incentives programs.