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"We’ve been an Incentive Solutions client for four years now and we’ve found their technology very helpful in motivating and rewarding our workforce. We reward our employees based on their achievement for particular behaviors. Once others in the organization see the success, they can model behaviors after the winners. So there’s a dual benefit of rewarding particular short-term behaviors, and over time encouraging and motivating others to follow along with that same kind of behavior."

Written by: Dave Hagen from Lexmark

Improve workplace productivity and employee engagement with the right employee rewards and recognition program.

 We’ll help you recognize and reward top performers and give them a reason to stay loyal to you. Millions of great rewards, engaging employee recognition software, and hands-on support come together to help you create a work environment where employees thrive.

Millions of Great Rewards

  • Let your top performers know you value their contribution with meaningful employee rewards.
  • Improve teamwork, morale, and boost performance across your oganization.
  • Create a “sales culture” where every member of your organization has a vested interest in helping your company grow.
  • Positively reinforce productive behaviors that can increase sales and improve upselling and cross-selling.

Employee Recognition Software

  • Encourage employee collaboration, innovation, and feedback with new channels of communication.
  • Use interactive quizzes to improve product knowledge or educate employees on company values.
  • Provide instant reward points certificates for milestones, training, certification, health, and special occasions.
  • Segment your employees by department or organization to give them specific KPIs and personalize their employee rewards program experience.

Choose great rewards for your employee recognition and incentive program.

Online Rewards

Our online employee recognition and rewards catalog features millions of trendy employee awards, from movie tickets to big-ticket electronics to increase employee motivation.

Debit Card Rewards

Our debit card rewards help you improve employee performance, while reinforcing your brand. We’ll track your points and make sure your program is always in compliancy.

Travel Rewards

Incentive travel is memorable and emotionally impactful, making it one of the best ways to increase employee retention for your top performers that your organization can’t live without.

Check out these studies in employee motivation program success!

  • When asked what workplace leaders could do to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied, “Give recognition.” —Psychometrics
  • Over 50% of employees recruited into a work organization will leave within two years. Of those, 88% of employees leave for reasons other than pay. —HR Business & Legal Resources
  • Organizations with engaged employees outperform other organizations by 202%. —Dale Carnegie Training

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