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What can employee recognition programs do for your company culture and goals?

The right employee reward program can increase productivity, employee motivation, morale and loyalty to your company.

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“We’ve been an Incentive Solutions client for four years now and we’ve found their technology very helpful in motivating and rewarding our sales workforce. We use our sales incentive program to focus new sales professionals on particular behaviors and activities that drive sales growth. We integrate the Incentive Solutions system with our Salesforce automation system, then measure and monitor particular behaviors. We reward our sales team based on their achievement for those particular behaviors. Once others in the organization see the success, they can model behaviors after the winners. So there’s a dual benefit of rewarding particular short-term behaviors, and over time encouraging and motivating others follow along with that same kind of behavior. “

— Dave Hagen from Lexmark

So, celebrate your people the best way with employee rewards and recognition programs that work.

What’s in the best employee reward program? Simply put, strategic ways to reduce employee turnover, low productivity, and the number of workers who call out on Mondays – sustainably. Motivate employees at all levels with an Incentive Solutions reward program that’s powered by engaging incentive technology.

Motivate your employees. Meet your goals.

Our employee incentive programs are designed to:

  • Raise workplace productivity and morale.
  • Enhance company culture.
  • Fortify service and product quality.
  • Bump up sales, upsells and cross-selling.
  • Reduce missed days from work.
  • Promote employee training and certifications.
  • Encourage employee engagement, innovation and feedback.
  • Positively influence employee health, wellness and safety compliance.
  • Improve teamwork and collaboration with employee recognition.

This isn’t our first rodeo.

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Which employee recognition ideas are best for your reward program?


Online Rewards

Our online employee recognition and rewards catalog features millions of trendy employee awards, from movie tickets to big-ticket electronics.

Today’s employees anticipate the worst in job markets, which is why it is so important to cultivate a positive corporate atmosphere that promotes employee engagement and retention. Employee rewards programs provide employees with ongoing reminders of their value, which is essential if you want to empower and motivate employees.

Check out these studies in employee motivation program success!

  • When asked what leaders could do more of to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied, “Give recognition,” according to a Psychometrics employee engagement study.
  • HR Business & Legal Resources reported that over 50% of employees recruited into an organization will leave within two years, and 88% of employees leave organizations for reasons unrelated to pay.
  • A Dale Carnegie survey revealed that organizations with engaged employees outperformed those without by 202%!
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