Incentives for employees. Increased profitability.

Our tech is designed to provide a flexible incentive marketing tool that helps you maximize the performance of your entire sales team. Incentive Solutions pairs platforms and rewards to:

  • • Improve employee work stride.
  • • Streamline admin processes.
  • • Create a culture of top sales performance.

Complete with:

  • Multiple, simultaneous sales promotions
    • Advanced segmentation lets you manage sales promotions by region, department, role or company.
  • Instant sales claim upload
    • Instant upload and verification tools let your sales reps submit invoices, warranty registrations and other documentation to validate sales claims right from the field. Collect sales data in real-time and motivate sales reps more effectively with immediate reward payout.
  • Advanced analytics and performance reporting
    • Collect sales claims data and use it to develop more precise, effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Mobile-ready platforms
    • Give your salespeople on-the-go access to your incentive program, complete with program updates, push notifications and document upload tools.
  • Complete integration
    • Integrate your employee incentive program with your CRM, ERP, intranet or corporate website to deliver an intuitive, connective reward experience for your employees.
  • Omnichannel incentive marketing
    • Use plug-and-play communication tools or enlist the help of our creative experts to deliver exciting incentive marketing campaigns across every medium!
  • Interactive leaderboard
    • Spark a little friendly competition with an online sales leaderboard, featuring live updates to ramp up motivation!

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