Emerging Incentive Travel: The Many Marvels of Mykonos

by: Luke Kreitner July 18, 2016

For those that have been following our Emerging Incentive Travel Destinations series, welcome back! For those here for the first time, here’s the gist: every month, we’re spotlighting one destination from around the world to spread the word about its advantages as an incentive trip or business group travel destination. Some of the locations we’ve covered include Africa, Cuba, Nicaragua and many more. Many of these are destinations we’ve visited ourselves with our incentive travel program clients; others are exciting new opportunities our network of travel agents, hoteliers and cruise lines have brought to us. To see the entire series, check out our Emerging Incentive Travel Destinations tag.

This month, we’ll be covering the stunning and mystical island of Mykonos in southern Greece, with its unique, unrivaled blend of excitement and tranquil beauty. Without further adieu, here are some of the many marvels of Mykonos.

Thrilling Nightlife: Maximum Post-Corporate Event Excitement

No matter where you are, you can always hold a corporate event or meeting then grab drinks and food afterward at an acceptable venue. But for a group travel trip or corporate event to drum up excitement among your team, the downtime must be something truly worth experiencing. That’s exactly why Mykonos’ exciting post-event activities make it a stand-out among other, typical incentive travel destinations. Mykonos nightlife includes beautiful, glamorous sunset parties on its beaches and famous hot spots like the oceanside Paradise Club, among the only open-air nightclubs, with a hot tub, VIP area and guest beach. For the sociable and fun-lovers in your organization, the chance to see and be seen in Greece’s exotic clubs will be impossible to resist.

True Luxury Travel: Sophisticated, One-of-a-Kind Marvels

The beauty of Mykonos is truly unique, unlike typical, tropical destinations with postcard-pretty palm trees. The ancient Greeks practically invented the concept of beauty and the essence of their sophistication still lingers in the Mykonos air. There’s nothing quite like the remote beaches on the northern coasts or Platis Gialos, which is surrounded by white stone architecture against bright blue skies and the sapphire Aegean Sea.

Trip attendees can go sailing or boating to tour the beautiful Grecian island chain surrounding Mykonos. The neighboring island of Delos, for example, was once a religious center for the entirety of ancient Greece. Entirely uninhabited protected for its historical significance, featuring the remains of temples, markets, an amphitheater and the majestic Terrace of the Lions sculptures. On the island of Santorini, attendees can take a dip in volcanic hot springs, known to be therapeutic for rheumatism, lumbago and ischialgia as well as urinary, liver and biliary duct conditions.

History and Myths: Relate Them to Your Business Plans

Greece was incredibly important to the development of economic, education and scientific systems.

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 Ancient Greek thinkers and philosophers like Plato, Aristotle and Socrates helped change the course of civilization. You can use this atmosphere of innovation to send powerful messages on your incentive trip. Travel groups can visit one of the hundreds of ancient churches and monasteries in Mykonos; tour the Armenistis Lighthouse, which was vital to ancient Greek trade; or explore local folklore and archaeology museums.

Whatever the goal or purpose of your incentive trip is, there is likely a historic tale or Greek myth you can use to illustrate or emphasize a point. Perhaps you want to stress to your sales team that they need to tap into their inner warrior by relating the myth of Zeus battling the giant Titans in Mykonos. Or pay a visit to Santorini, where Cousteau looked for the lost city of Atlantis, and encourage incentive trip attendees to never stop searching for new ways to improve.

You can always take an incentive or corporate event trip to a popular destination like Florida, California and the Caribbean. They’re crowd-pleasers for a reason. But, for something really out of the ordinary, with a meaningful and sophisticated beauty that stimulates the brain as well as the eye, consider Mykonos as the destination for your next incentive trip or company event.

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