Offering a wide range of appealing, easy-to-earn rewards in your incentive program reward mix, is an effective strategy to maximize motivation and participation.

Our Online Rewards Mall offers a massive collection of best-selling digital download books, chart-topping songs and the latest movies. These “lower point” items can be earned quickly. The vast selection, featuring millions of items, will appeal to a wide range of interests and tastes.

Key Features

  • Instant gratification. Immediately download hot, new releases directly to PC, laptop or digital device.
  • A cost-effective reward solution. With so much variety, clients seeking more affordable program rewards options or looking for a solution to quicker recognition and reward timelines can still offer exciting rewards.


Offering easily earned, “lower point” rewards is an effective strategy to spike participant buzz and interest.


Millions of downloadable media options. Instant gratification for your participants. Quicker results from your incentive program!

Digital-Downloads-(v3) Music-Downloads(v2) Books(v2)




Digital download rewards are the perfect reward for the instant gratification age. Participants earn online reward points, redeem those points in an online rewards catalog and instantly download their rewards. No hassle or waiting means the reward is even more satisfying and effective!

Learn more about what our online rewards mall has to offer. Customize your program with these other reward categories!

Retail Merchandise Brand name electronics, sporting goods, luxury home goods, jewelry, clothing hobbies, toys and more – prices and options as limitless as the Internet due to our exclusive partnerships with the largest online retailers. Learn more>>
Travel booking Airline tickets, hotel and destination activities, including cruises using an online, aggregating booking tool similar to that of Expedia. Learn more>>
Entertainment and Digital Downloads Millions of the most compelling and popular downloadable music, movies, games and books – at lower point-earning levels for quicker recognition and reward timelines. Learn more>>
Uniquely Yours  Customizable program reward options enable your high point earners to redeem for almost any reward imaginable– a new car, paying off a mortgage, a new swimming pool, dental work, college tuition. It’s been done. If they want it. We can make it happen. Learn more>>


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