Debit and gift card rewards for your customer loyalty program? Smart choice!

Pair card rewards with an advanced incentive platform to increase customer loyalty and retention.

Debit card rewards for your B2B customer loyalty program is a winning strategy! When you pair card rewards with our incentive technology, you get more than just card rewards. You get a total marketing tool to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

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The Technology

Our system’s pre-programmed, plug-and-play modules have specialized features so you can build a custom loyalty program. Add open enrollment, integrated services, a mobile app and more to your card rewards program to achieve your specific goals.


Card Funding

We offer single-use and reloadable VISA® debit card funding options, plus gift cards to 175+ retailers, so you can choose the reward card that best suits your incentive plan.

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Debit Card Branding

Brand your debit card rewards so customers have positive association with your company every time they use their rewards–that’s how brand loyalty is born!

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Security and Support

ROI-certified Account Managers will work with you to make sure your loyalty program rakes in the benefits, while our in-house programmers make sure all sensitive data 100% secure

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Free Reports

Access 60+ free reports on card funding, card issuance, program engagement and more to analyze your program’s performance and make it even better.

Incentive Travel Customer Loyalty Communications


Use our system’s free communication tool to engage and inform all your participants through email, texts, mailers and more.

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International Capabilities

Debit and gift card rewards are the only way to reward international customers without the hassle of currency conversion or overseas merchandise shipping.

Debit card rewards for your B2B customer loyalty program works well because they prove you want to reward customers with what they want—a simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand reward that can be used anywhere. With our services and technology, not only do you offer customers a great participant experience, you can build long-term customer retention with reliable customer loyalty incentive plans.

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