Contractor Rewards Programs Connect to the Consumer Through the HVAC Contractor

As an HVAC manufacturer, sometimes it can be hard to connect with your client base. You may find it difficult to communicate with your contractors and, since your relationship with your contractors can directly affect your relationship with consumers, you might notice sales lagging as a result.

hvac contractor rewards program

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Studies have shown that incentive rewards, such as merchandise rewards or incentive travel experiences, provide a meaningful and long-lasting impact beyond mere performance improvement. A contractor rewards program lets contractors earn “reward points”—digital currency contractors can use to redeem a variety of merchandise from an online rewards catalog—for behaviors that help move your product through the sales channel. It’s a fun and exciting way to strengthen relationships, foster contractor loyalty and get closer with contractors and consumers to increase sales!

Here are the biggest competitive advantages a contractor rewards program can give you:

Training incentives increase contractors’ product knowledge.

With an HVAC contractor rewards program, you can do so much more than just reward points for reporting consumer data. A recent Dartmouth study found that “spaced repetition”—occasional study sessions and quizzes interspersed over time—can do far more for long-term memory retention than a single study or training session. Our online rewards platform provides Learn and Earn training incentive features to set up one-time or recurring customizable quizzes that HVAC contractors can complete for reward points.

The end result? Contractors will know your products inside and out, and they’ll have awesome rewards that will remind them of your program and products! That creates the kind of contractor loyalty that causes an HVAC contractor to recommend your product over the competition’s when there are no other differentiators.

You gain valuable B2B customer data.

One of the most important things an HVAC contractor rewards program can do for your business is motivate contractors to share end-user information with you. How would your business change if you had instant, reliable access to customer data? Imagine if, after successfully making a sale, a contractor could use their mobile phone to instantly report sales claims to you—making claims authentication a breeze and saving administrative headaches. Combine that technology with CRM integration, and you could have up-to-the-minute records of customer purchases, address and contact information, as well as warranty registrations and maintenance data. That’s a lot of information!

 You can develop more informed channel marketing strategies.

Once you have all that juicy end-user customer data, what do you do with it? You can tailor your channel marketing strategies to suit consumer trends, preferences, and needs. Case in point: the average HVAC end-consumer doesn’t pay their HVAC unit any attention until there’s a problem, which can mean hefty bills and huge headaches. That’s why using email notifications or even snail mail flyers to remind customers about HVAC maintenance and warranty expiration can make a big difference in both saving them money and establishing your brand presence.

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