Crafting a Successful Incentive Program

by: Luke Kreitner May 23, 2016

When contemplating what motivates their staff best to improve productivity, employers frequently fail to recognize the individuality of their employees who may have radically differing preferences and tastes.  A blanket approach to company incentives for employees is certainly an improvement to no program, but having the capability to tailor rewards is a step above and gives both employers and employees more flexibility. Since employees may differ on the types of incentives that encourage them to exceed goals and sales quotas, you need Incentive Solutions, which streamlines the process of customization of company incentives for employees.

company incentives for employees

Incentive Solutions offers a wide array of company incentives for employees such as debit and gift card reward programs, group travel incentives, and online rewards. As an innovator in this burgeoning industry, the company has played a key role in developing emerging technologies that assist companies with engaging and motivating employees, increasing sales, encouraging customer loyalty, enriching sales channel relationships, and encouraging a positive workplace environment.

This way of viewing employees as individuals can boost productivity while addressing the varying styles that each demonstrates. Each worker has their strengths and weaknesses, but you want to encourage their strengths and ensure high levels of productivity. Incentive Solutions helps your company hone in on those incentives that drive better performances.

Determine the Types of Rewards & Company Incentives for Employees

If you are wondering what type of company incentives for employees to offer, Incentive Solutions gives you the flexibility to meet the wide range of needs you face. This could be monetary rewards or prizes or gifts to use outside of the workplace. The biggest differentiators from their competitors include reporting tools, communication tools, and content management that many others charge for. In fact, many competitors use third-party suppliers for the incentive technology. Incentive Solutions develops everything in-house with a full IT team. As they make updates to the system, the client benefits without additional charges.

Higher Engagement Equals Higher Profits

Studies have shown that companies with highly engaged employees have better profitability numbers, higher sales and higher customer loyalty. The Gallup Organization found that workplaces with highly productive and engaged employees, those employees frequently receive recognition within about seven days. Whether it is a wellness program, a safety program, sales objectives, or peer-to-peer recognition, Incentive Solution offers tailored methods of delivering that recognition.

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Humans are wired to respond to rewards, gather status and things for proof of worthiness. Quick gratification of those instincts will help propel your company forward into better, more productive years with happier, more satisfied employees.

In addition, workers actually place more value on an incentive based on how hard it is to earn. It’s a delicate balance though. If the bar is too high, employees may dismiss the incentive. But, higher rewards should always require greater performance.

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Luke Kreitner is the VP of Sales at Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based incentive company that specializes in helping B2B businesses accelerate growth, increase sales, motivate channel partners and retain B2B customers.