Use sales channel incentives to get more products moving through your distribution channel.

Distribution and channel incentive programs help you build brand awareness, inspire channel loyalty, educate customers, and, most importantly, increase B2B sales.

Expert strategic advice & cutting-edge incentive tech come together to craft a channel sales incentive program that helps you:

  • Personalize relationships with dealers, contractors, & other channel partners with channel partner rewards.
  • Build brand awareness & increase mindshare for new product lines.
  • Improve sales verification with platforms for uploading sales invoices & warranty registrations.
  • Motivate channel partners to supply more complete distribution channel marketing data.
  • Change buyer habits with B2B incentives, by giving your customers millions of reasons to buy specific products or to shop online.

Why are distribution and channel sales incentive programs important?

  • 76% of industrial marketers rely on some type of intermediary to sell their product to the end consumer.—Harvard Business Review
  • Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50% of all purchasing decisions. —McKinsey & Company
  • Channel reward program-related emails had a 268% higher open rate and a 780% higher CTR than MailChimp manufacturing email benchmarks. —Incentive Solutions Case Study

Case Studies: Check out how we’ve used sales channel incentives to help our clients grow.

Wheelchairs loading up
Increase Mindshare
Industrial manufacturer uses a channel marketing incentive program to increase mindshare for a specific product—to achieve a 307% ROI.
Gain Market Share
Faced with low-priced offshore competition, plumbing manufacturer uses a channel loyalty program to increase channel sales 15%.
Car crash
Change Buyer Habits
Distributor saves money by motivating channel partners to shop online for a 665% increase in monthly revenue among participants.

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Add-on Software Modules

Versatile channel incentive software tracks data, keeps channel partners engaged, and improves communication throughout your sales channel.

Online Rewards

Millions of merchandise rewards for motivating channel partners. Flexible debit & credit card options. Unforgettable incentive travel for top dealers & distributors.

Consultative Approach

Team up with dedicated Account Managers who will take ownership of your program. Backed by ROI-certified teams of marketing specialists & software developers.

Detailed Reports

Take the guesswork out of finding what types of channel incentives are most effective with unrestricted, 24/7 access to detailed reports & analytics.

Flexible Billing

Stay in budget for your B2B incentive program with flexible billing. Let us worry about the ROI and the heavy lifting, while you reap the benefits.

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