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Written by: Angela R
Date Published: 02/07/2017
They are a great company to work with, very responsive to questions and customer needs.
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Channel incentive programs put you front and center in channel partners’ minds.

Contractors, dealers or distributors are more likely to recommend your brand if you offer a fair price, quality products, excellent service and convenience. If you provide all these things at a high standard, great! But so does your competition. With so many companies competing for B2B customers, what many lack is a personally rewarding B2B customer experience. Channel incentives give your buyers a little something just for them when they purchase from you. They associate personal gratification and positive reinforcement with your brand, something good products and service can’t accomplish on their own. Our channel incentive programs are powered by advanced, flexible technology so you can easily manage custom channel incentive plans that help you meet your unique goals.

Any of these channel sales pain points sound familiar?

  • Lack of mindshare with dealer and distributor reps
  • Unaligned, uninformed channel marketing strategies
  • Channel incentives plans or strategies implemented without incentives expertise
  • No incremental growth during slower sales periods
  • Ignorance among channel partners about your product’s features and benefits
  • Need for a dealer and distributor reps database
  • No method of capturing contractor and dealer/distributor rep feedback
  • Not enough data on who purchases your brand, how much and which products
  • Need for direct marketing to sales channel customers
  • Sales promotion reward process is too slow to increase B2B sales of specific products in a timely fashion
  • Sales promotion reward process is too slow to increase B2B sales of specific products quickly
  • No time or resources to run a channel incentive program by yourself

Meet our B2B customer loyalty solution.

Incentive program website

Your branded customer loyalty program website includes a participant portal, an administrative control panel and an online rewards catalog.

Communications Plan

We help you kick off loyalty marketing with a free, 12-month promotional schedule. The plan includes texting, emails, push notifications, postcards and more.

Free reports

Unlike most incentive companies, with us you won’t pay extra for incentive program reports and wait around for them to be created. Access your real-time reports and analytics for free, 24/7.

Dedicated account manager

Two heads are better than one! Especially when one head is an ROI-certified account manager with the B2B loyalty program expertise to help you interpret results analytics and develop effective B2B loyalty program strategies.


Online Rewards

Distribute digital currency, or reward points, to participants. They can redeem their points in an online rewards catalog with millions of rewards, including merchandise, leisure travel, event tickets and sponsor-fulfilled products.

Debit or Gift Card Rewards

Offer participants prepaid or reloadable VISA® debit cards, or choose between virtual or plastic gift card rewards to 175+ stores and brands.

Incentive Travel and Events Management

Share with your top channel partners the kind of memorable incentive travel experiences that create lasting memories and loyalty. We provide corporate event services to ensure your incentive trip, company meeting or event is engaging and unforgettable, while staying within your budget.

We suggest these specialized modules for best channel incentive program performance.

Performance Tracking

Schedule multiple, simultaneous sales promotions across different dealerships or regions and track sales with a claims and document upload tool. Learn more!

Mobile App

Allow mobile access to your channel incentive program, including the ability to upload claims, warranty registrations, invoices and more anywhere, anytime. Learn more!


Boost dealer/distributor reps or contractor performance with a little friendly competition. Learn more!

Learn and Earn

Promote product knowledge by offering rewards to channel partners for passing quizzes or submitting surveys. Learn more!


Add the irresistible element of fun to your channel incentive program with Spin to Win and Scratch Off games related to your products and sales promotions. Learn more!

Integration Services

Integrate your channel sales incentive program with your customer relationship (CRM) or learning management (LMS) systems. Learn more!

Org Structure and Advanced Hierarchy

Segment management roles, billing, reports and analytics for different regions of channel partners in your program. Learn more!

Open Enrollment

Create connections and new opportunities with previously unknown B2B customers by allowing participants to register without an invitation. Learn more!

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What do our B2B clients say about our channel incentive programs?

Check out this channel incentive programs research!

  • According to the Incentive Research Foundation, channel sales incentive programs can increase revenue by up to 32% — making them a “must have” for any business-to-business partnership!
  • Aberdeen Group and Incentive Research Foundation studies indicate that companies implementing non-cash reward and recognition programs for their channel partners report annual revenue increases averaging 9.6%, compared to the 3% average of all other companies.
  • An Incentive Performance Center case study of Price Pfister reported that the company achieved 173% of their stretch sales goals by using a channel sales incentive program.
Channel sales and distributor incentive programs are the first step to establishing a significant differentiator over your competition. Over time, this differentiator turns into B2B customer loyalty insurance, because it creates lasting, positive sentiment and brand awareness. Rewarding channel partners for their loyalty and continuing business helps increase product knowledge, expand market share and develop more effective channel marketing and sales strategies.

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