Channel Incentives – Reward your channel partners for pushing your product through your distribution channel.


Why are distribution and channel incentive programs important to your company?

Channel incentive programs are the key to unlocking the full potential of your distribution channels. Our channel incentive programs act as a full-fledged marketing program for you, and can help alleviate many pressures your company faces, as we can provide you with updated systems and processes, easier methods of marketing to your channels, we can even help setup MDFs (marketing development funds). Whatever challenges you face, our channel incentive programs are designed to help you overcome them.

Distribution channel incentive programs help you build brand awareness, inspire channel loyalty, and increase B2B sales. Especially when paired with our custom plug and play modules.

We utilize our cutting-edge incentive technology to build a channel sales incentive program that helps you:

  • Personalize relationships with dealers, contractors, & other channel partners with channel partner rewards.
  • Build brand awareness & increase mindshare for new product lines.
  • Improve sales verification with platforms for uploading sales invoices & warranty registrations.
  • Motivate channel partners to supply more complete distribution channel marketing data.
  • Change buyer habits with B2B incentives, by giving your customers millions of reasons to buy specific products or to shop online.

How do you setup your channel partner rewards program.

Our base package includes marketing automation, a branded website, free reporting, access to our catalog and more. Technologically, it has everything you need to get started. But where do you go from there? Let’s check out what it takes to do so.


Determine objectives, budgets, your targets and how to motivate them.


Develop key performance indicators and decide program structure.

Step 3: MANAGE

Start marketing to your target audience and take a look at how to manage the program.

Step 4: GROWTH

Time to analyze performance. Check out what worked, and what can be improved.

BthruB Incentive Playbook

But that’s only just a taste. There’s so much more and we’d love to help guide you through the setup of your channel incentive program. If you want to read more, just click the link below and go download our BthruB Incentive Program Design Guide. It walks you through everything – from setup, to choosing rewards, KPI’s, and monitoring ROI.

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