Global Data and Infrastructure Solutions Provider Generates Staggering ROI with a Channel Incentive Program

Number of participating Dealer Sales Reps


7 of the 11 first-year promotions produced ROI


All 10 second-year promotions produced ROI

+196 - 500%

Infrastructure Equipment Manufacturer


  • Revamping an unsuccessful channel incentive program strategy
  • Encouraging program participation
  • Acclimating participants to a new platform


  • An online shopping platform with millions of rewards to choose from
  • The Performance Tracking module to track valuable dealer and end-user data
  • Easy sales claim submission through branded mobile app
  • Higher participant engagement through quick point rewards, daily trivia, and faster reward delivery

The Company

A global manufacturer of physical infrastructure equipment that supports power, communications, computing, control, and security systems with over $1 Billion in sales.


The Challenge

Previous to working with Incentive Solutions, the company’s past incentive efforts were not successful. Participants in previous reward programs wanted immediate fulfillment and more exciting rewards.

They had two goals for their new reward program with Incentive Solutions:

  • Increase sales and/or purchases of their company’s products
  • Provide participants a rewards platform that is easy to use and easy to redeem


The Solution

Incentive Solutions helped this client implement an online reward points program aimed at the client’s distributor sales reps (DSRs), sales trainees, and branch managers. These participants earned a percentage back of every dollar spent on the company’s products.

The client used a combination of Incentive Solutions modules with specialized features and benefits to manage a successful incentive program:


The Learn & Earn Module

The Learn and Earn Module allowed reward program participants to earn receive reward points for correctly answering Daily Trivia questions, completing surveys or passing online quizzes.


The Performance Tracking Module

The Performance Tracking Module allowed reward program administrators to schedule, manage, and track multiple, simultaneous sales promotions. The module’s document upload tool allowed administrators to analyze invoices, receipts, and warranty registrations uploaded to the program in order to validate sales claims. This sales data combined with free-to-access program reports allowed administrators to track sales goals and better gauge program success.


Quick Points

The Quick Points Module provided the client with On the Spot reward certificates in their choice of paper or electronic form. This enabled managers to spontaneously reward participants for desired behaviors. These behaviors were reinforced with instant gratification since reward recipients could instantly add their reward points to their online point balance.


The Mobile App Module

The Mobile App Module allowed the client to offer participants a mobile app version of their online reward program. The module worked with native smartphone technology to enable reading of Quick Points QR codes, product barcode scanning for in-store purchase of items in the reward catalog, as well as the ability to capture invoices, receipts, warranty registrations for immediate upload to the program for sales claims validation.


The Benefits

With the help of modular technology, an easy-to-access online platform, and millions of enticing reward options, the program saw:

  • 2,000 participants joined the reward program
  • 11 promotions in the reward program’s first year, with seven promotions earning a positive ROI of over 100%
  • 10 promotions were run in the program's second year, with an ROI of 500% for the most successful and 196% for the least successful


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