Tire Manufacturer Engages 25% of Eligible Dealer Segment with Innovative Incentive Technology

This Fortune 500 company used their incentive program to uncover sales and marketing data from a previously under-represented segment of tire dealers.


Email open rates of 268% higher than industry standard


Engagement and click-rates 780% higher than industry standard


5% spike in sales since start of the program

“We have been able to capture end user data through the program that we can now use for marketing campaigns and special promotions. Understanding our smaller dealers and fleets redemption behaviors help us in our marketing efforts.”
-Distribution Manager, North America

The Program Purpose

This Fortune 500 tire manufacturer operates across the globe, selling billions of dollars’ worth of high-quality tires every year. They view their incentive program as an integral part of their business that provides a competitive edge in their markets.

In an effort to continuously improve sales tactics, a strategic target analysis revealed a list of independent commercial dealers who had yet to engage with their brand. This network of dealers presented the best opportunity for the tire manufacturer to increase its sales at a higher gross margin than they would receive from larger accounts.

Partnering with Incentive Solutions to launch a dealer distributor incentive program, the program sought to:

  1. Engage commercial dealers with specialized sales promotions.
  2. Collect vertical-specific sales data from said promotions.
  3. Incorporate that data into the development of more efficient, targeted marketing strategies.

Utilizing Incentive Technology

Pairing each of our client’s goals with a corresponding incentive software module, we helped them segment their target accounts, instantly distribute reward points for each submitted sales claim, and collect more complete customer data.

The Organizational Structure and Advanced Hierarchy Module allowed our client to section their target accounts based on region and size to effectively prioritize certain verticals.

The Performance Tracking Module allowed dealer sales reps to submit sales claims documentation to the online incentive program, instantly receiving points determined by the product MSPN.
The Mobile App Module allowed program participants to submit sales claims instantly, from the field, which sped up claim-validation and the reward redemption process.
With the right technology in place, our team of incentive experts designed a multimedia marketing campaign to promote the program. These targeted marketing strategies proved fruitful, increasing engagement and mind-share among independent dealer commercial salespeople. As a result, over 25% of eligible independent dealers actively participated in the program, buying from our client and exchanging marketing data. Emails associated with the incentive program achieved open-rates 268% higher than industry standard, as well as engagement and click-rates 780% higher than industry standard. Sales among independent commercial dealers spiked 5% since the start of the program.