Manufacturer Uses Incentive-Based Marketing Campaign to Boost Mobile App Adoption by 205%

Mobile app adoption increased by


Email open rates beat industry averages by


Email click-through rates beat industry averages by


Lift Truck Manufacturing


  • Inspiring dealers to download and submit claims with the newly implemented incentive program mobile app

  • Incomplete warranty submissions
  • Failed program goals
  • Extended wait times for rewards
  • Lackluster reward options
  • Discouraged participants.


  • Easy-to-use sales claim submission feature on the mobile app allowing dealers to submit claims directly from the field
  • Connecting instantaneously with program participants through push notifications on a platform they use most in their daily lives

The Company

A global lift truck manufacturer known for reliability, low cost of ownership, and growth. Contributing its initial success to product quality and industry innovation, they expanded the reach of their digital marketing strategies by investing in a dealer incentive program. By creating an online platform dedicated to rewarding their partners, this company was able to motivate sales, amplify engagement, offer product education, and utilize the ease and variety of digital communication.


The Challenge

As a forward-looking leader in their channel, this lift truck manufacturer added a mobile app to their dealer incentive program in hopes of building stronger, more frequent connections with their channel partners. Their dealer mobile app aimed to improve not only the ease in which their dealers could access the program site and claim sales, but the manufacturer’s ability to engage dealers, differentiate their rewards programs, and build loyalty within their channel.


Initially celebrating the release of its top-of-the-line technology, this manufacturer was soon met with the harsh reality of low mobile app adoption rates.


The Solution

The lift truck manufacturer turned to Incentive Solutions for help in accelerating adoption for their dealer incentive mobile app. Our Communications Specialist designed a custom, multi-touchpoint incentive-based marketing campaign to create awareness around the mobile app capabilities and educate dealers on its value proposition.


The touchpoints included:

      • Three custom emails across a three-month span, explaining the benefits of the mobile app;
      • Two direct mailers explaining the promotion rules and how to participate; and
      • Three push notifications once the mobile app was downloaded encouraging dealers to submit sales claims.


The touchpoints were designed to deliver two different CTAs across multiple stages – one for downloading the app and one for submitting sales claims through the mobile app. The Performance Tracking software module was used to create exclusive, limited-time bonus point promotions to inspire these actions, as well as to provide streamlined mobile app sales claim submissions.


The Benefits

By inspiring dealers to download the dealer incentive program mobile app, the lift truck manufacturer was able to get dealers enrolled and invested into a loyalty marketing funnel that can be used to capture mindshare and create brand preference.


With a total of eight touchpoints delivered in three strategically placed moments during the campaign, this customer communication technique showed a drastic, almost instantaneous increase in mobile adoption rates after each moment of contact.


Within 4 short months, this program saw:

      • 205.9% increase in mobile app users
      • 22% of app users submitting sales claims
      • Email open rates 43.69% higher than industry avg
      • Email click-through rates 419.69% higher than industry avg


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